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Metal Coatings

Houston, TX

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Responsive Website

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  • Mobile Integrated Marketing
  • Industrial Internet Marketing

Project overview

Responsive Website Development

Metal Coatings, an industrial coatings applicator, based on our analysis of their mobile traffic trends, contracted TopSpot Internet Marketing to develop a responsive website redesign. As a client on a Customer Relationship Team, Metal Coatings employs TopSpot services such as paid search, SEO, and website development, and we felt a responsive site would be the next logical step in making their site user-friendly for all audiences. This lead to a 247% increase in smartphone leads and a 76% increase in smartphone traffic.

increase inmobile form submissions

In Brief


In Metal Coatings’ monthly reports, their traffic trends indicated a need for the website to provide a mobile-friendly experience for their growing smartphone and tablet audience.


TopSpot decided a responsive website design, which resizes based on the screen size that is accessing the site, was best for their visitors. When analyzing the pages mobile users were accessing, it was apparent that all of Metal Coatings’ content needed to be available in a mobile-friendly format.


When comparing a period before the responsive website redesign launch with the same period since, Metal Coatings saw a 247% increase in mobile conversions, from 17 to 59 smartphone leads.

Increase InSmartphone Visits

Metal Coatings has seen a 76% increase in overall smartphone visits, from 4,058 to 7,161.

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