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You want to reach your customers where they are, which happens to be (a lot of the time) on their mobile devices. Whether they’re out in the field, or at a job site, a desktop computer isn’t always handy to have around. This is why we set up PPC campaigns with mobile in mind. Mobile PPC campaign services on AdWords& Bing PPC have made it easier to target visitors by device (desktop, smartphones, and tablets) which gives us more control over when and how your ads will be displayed.

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Team Geek Fun Fact As a Paid Search Specialist, Jenava helps customers optimize their ads for people using a mobile device.

TopSpot Knows Mobile Ad Management

We set up PPC advertising campaigns with mobile in mind, with a mobile-optimized message, display URL and landing page specifically for mobile devices. 

AdWords & Bing PPC have made it easier to target visitors by device (desktop, smartphones and tablets). This flexibility allows for more control over when and how your ads will be displayed and to whom. User behavior may differ from device to device and we now have control over the time of day, spend, ad copy & type of website these visitors see.

OK Google

Utilizing Voice Technology

Mobile phone usage is continuing to rise and with that comes the usage of voice search via mobile devices. According to ComScore, 50% of users use voice technology on their smartphones daily. While much of the voice search queries may be informational in nature, it’s important to consider the top and middle of the funnel searches that are important to your business, so that through our mobile PPC campagin serives we can expose users to your brand earlier in the purchasing process.  

We can help you stay on top of the latest search trends by targeting searches that begin with “ok Google,” or “Hey Siri,” to reach consumers who are using mobile voice search as well as smart speakers (think Amazon Echo or Google Home) to get their information quicker than an on-screen Google search. 



of searches will be voice by 2020 – ComScore

Optimized content creation on a site is merely the first step.

Already have a paid search program, but aren’t sure if it is customized to meet your business goals?

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Benefits of Mobile PPC

  • Different Messaging - Mobile-specific ads may have different messaging than desktop ads. In some cases, it makes sense to deliver certain messaging and calls to action based on what device a person is using.
  • Increased Leads/Conversions
  • Increased Impression Share During Targeted Times
  • Increased Click Through Rates (on relevant phrases)
  • Mobile Bid Adjustments - Can increase or decrease bids for users on mobile devices
  • Mobile Ad Extensions - Includes specific calls to action, location extensions or click to call extensions (which can be adjusted to match your business hours).
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