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Quote Cart Website Case Study

Quote Cart Website Brings in New Customers

Increase in organic traffic
(1574 vs 486)
of leads came from organic traffic
(29 of 42)
overall traffic increased
(5006 vs 1261)

90 days/previous period


The previous website for PneuTech was outdated and difficult to use. It also had no SEO built into the site. Their parent company, Jack Olsta Co., requested a new user-friendly website that would increase organic online leads.


A new custom quote cart site was developed with easy-to-use features such as a clearly defined navigation bar and simple contact forms.


The company saw an incredible increase in traffic and leads coming directly from the website.

About PneuTech

Industry: Supplier    Location: Huntsville, TX

Pneumatic Technology (PneuTech) is the industry provider for new, used, and leased parts for Pneumatic Dry Bulk Tank trailers. They also offer related services, such as expert advice for parts and services. 

Shopping Cart Addition

The purpose of the new website was to bring in new leads. To better facilitate this, a custom quote cart was designed to be simple and easy to use. The button was placed strategically in the top navigation, making it easy to be found on any page. The quote cart allows the user to send their request directly to the sales rep, who can immediately respond to the customer.

of the leads in the first year were driven from the Shopping Cart (186 out of 348)

SEO and Organic Leads

The original website had no SEO built into it so it wasn’t capturing the organic traffic it should have been. One of the first things the Team did was expand the content beyond the original site’s 15 pages. This content expanded on the types of trailers PneuTech offers as well as the types of parts, including a focus on Gardner Denver parts, which is one of their specialties.

Organic traffic increase (6507 v 1291)
of the total leads in the first 9 months were driven from organic traffic

Contact Methods

The previous website had no calls to action and limited contact information. This was remedied by adding contact information to the upper right corner of the site, as well as a quick “Talk to a Specialist” form at the bottom of all pages. Relevant CTAs were strategically placed on the inside pages to make it easier for a visitor to contact the company when they have questions.

Search for Every Type of User

With over 2000 products on the site, a search bar was placed in the navigation to take users directly to the products desired. Users could search for parts in three ways, from specific SKU numbers to more general browsing capabilities. The main full drop-down menu features pictures of the types of parts that can be found in those sections, making it easier for a new user to find what they are looking for.

responsive usability case study


In addition to the other user-friendly elements, the new website was designed to be responsive to all devices, including mobile phones and tablets. This includes a navigation that follows the user down the page with a click-to-call phone number. The new forms on each page are simple and easy to fill out on a mobile device, regardless of screen size.

increase in mobile traffic in the first six months (2983 vs 459)
overall increase in traffic (11572 vs 2456)
of leads were organic (85 of 118)
Increase in organic traffic (4382 vs 1047)

6 months / previous period


2021 Crystals Award Finalist

2021 Crystals Award

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