Manufacturing PPC Case Study

Manufacturer Increases Sales by $1M After Moving In-House Program to TopSpot

Increase in Leads
Converted to Sales
Increase in
Sales from PPC
In Additional Revenue
Sales from PPC

Year Over Year PPC Results


Prior to working with TopSpot, the global manufacturing company's in-house PPC program converted 13% of their paid search leads into sales. They moved their program to TopSpot with the expectation of increasing sales from paid search.


The TopSpot Team conducted thorough research and made continuous program refinements to ensure budget and exposure were maximized. Throughout the process, they also provided reporting and data that guided the PPC and website optimization strategies. 


During the first year, the percentage of PPC leads that converted to sales improved by 34.36% (13.45% to 18.07%), which resulted in a 19% increase in PPC-driven sales, and $1 million of additional revenue for the company.

topspot's bsmart method

Targeted Keyword Research 

The keywords in the original campaign were relevant to the business but had differing intents behind them and were more informational in nature. This meant that many of the users who came to the site were not as qualified as the company would have liked.

The TopSpot Team focused their efforts on improving the quality of the users coming to the manufacturer’s website through paid search traffic by optimizing the program to attract more users searching when they have intent to purchase. These high-value users tend to include: Brand, Size (also Shape, SKU), Material, Application (Industry or Area), Requirement or Type with their search queries, which is also known as TopSpot's B-SMART® Method. They also restructured the account to focus more of the manufacturer's daily budget on high intent search queries, and in-depth negative keyword research was done to prevent unnecessary spend in areas that didn't apply.

Focus on Quality and User Experience at Every Touch Point

The ads in the original campaign often defaulted to the autogenerated text, causing the ads to have lower-quality scores than a tailored approach would gain them. To begin with, the Team focused on adjusting the titles of the ads to use these new keywords, with targeted text descriptions, and links to relevant internal pages of the website.

With an ongoing focus on driving quality search queries with high intent, the TopSpot Team also gave guidance and feedback on the website’s user experience. After all, if the traffic was targeted, but the experience was lacking, a user may still leave the site. Throughout the year, the TopSpot Team worked closely with the manufacturer to review their lead outputs from different landing pages and two different versions of the site to ensure that the targeted users they were driving were being provided a great user experience geared towards driving quality leads.

user experience optimization

While leads were decreasing year over year, the lead quality was improving. This was seen in an increase in the number of leads being quoted by the sales team, which went from 38% to 42% from 2018 to 2019.

Initial Results

Initially, the TopSpot pay per click advertising program was driving fewer leads and spending less per month than what the manufacturer was used to. By utilizing the form and call analytics data and on-going communication with the manufacturer, the TopSpot Team was able to show that while the number of incoming form submissions and phone calls from paid search were lower, the quality of the inquiries was much higher. The SEM Account Manager also used the feedback provided on the leads they were driving to further refine the paid search program.

Thanks to the ongoing dialogue and the information provided through the phone and form tracking solutions, both sides were able to see a noticeable increase in the number of high-quality leads as well as a reduction in the amount of low-quality leads.

The manufacturer’s sales team now had more time to focus on closing the high-quality (and high revenue) leads coming in, instead of being spread thin and across a variety of high and low-quality leads.  This resulted in more quoted opportunities for the manufacturer.

Surpassing Expectations

When comparing the 1st year of TopSpot's management of the PPC Program to the previous year, the improvement in lead quality
was clearly reflected in the manufacturer’s sales numbers. The leads were converting into quotes and more quotes were turning into sales.

Increase in the percentage of PPC leads that were quoted
(42% vs. 38%)
Increase in the percentage of quoted PPC leads that led to a sale
(43% vs. 36%)
Increase in the close rate of PPC leads
(18% vs. 13%)

year over year results

Client Testimonial

"TopSpot has proven to have our company's interests in mind. In essence... they care."

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