Precision Urethane: Conversion Rate Optimization Case Study

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Precision Urethane & Machine, Inc is a manufacturer of custom molded urethane parts. A TopSpot customer since 2004, they started utilizing our integrated marketing strategies and began SEO services in 2008. The SEO Specialist and Conversion Improvement Specialist collaborated to change the way the users interacted with the page. This led to a 186% increase in conversions on the page.


The Urethane Sheets page was underperforming with a lower than site average form conversion rate. The page consisted of content and a table with a stock sheets list (beneficial, SEO friendly content), yet the engagement with the table wasn't measurable. Users would still have to manually put their sheet specifications into a quote form.


The team's idea: remove the chart and allow the user to select their sheet requirements. The selection would then transfer to the Request for Quote form. The page was receiving traffic for so many variations of polyurethane sheets, that it was important to consider searches that included thickness, sizes or polyurethane hardness. These variations are incorporated into the selections on the form and are accessible to the search engines. Therefore, the SEO value was not compromised by removing the table.

Services Provided


186% Increase

In Form Submissions

The redesigned utility and call to action has been a success: resulting in an impressive improvement in the conversion rate of the page. This simple yet effective change showcases the benefit of having a Customer Relationship Team working together to improve a website's user experience.

14 before
40 after

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