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Shopping Ads Management

Are you advertising your products in Google & Microsoft Shopping?

Shopping Ads (you may know them as Product List Ads or PLAs) have become a major part of the search landscape. Not only are they taking up some valuable real estate that once belonged to text ads, but they often convert at a higher rate as well! This is why it’s no surprise that we recommend running Product Listing Ads for our e-commerce clients. We are a well-versed e-commerce ad management agency providing management for Google Shopping and Microsoft Shopping.

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Our Approach as a Microsoft and Google Shopping Ads Agency

Instead of using keywords like you would when running a regular pay per click campaign, Shopping Ads rely on a product feed that is imported through the Google or Microsoft Merchant Center and linked to your account. 

Each feed contains important information about your products like SKU, price, product image, availability and more.

While it is easy to gather and manage all of this information using a plugin through your e-commerce ad system, we typically like to take a more hands-on approach, so we can make sure the information being shown in these ads is as relevant and easy to read as possible. This can involve a little bit more legwork for us during the setup, but don’t worry, it doesn’t require any additional work for you. We’re willing to do a little bit more work on our end if it ensures better results for our clients down the road!

With the right bidding & keyword strategy through e-commerce ad management, shopping ads give us the ability to show up not once, but twice in the sponsored search results!

We have experienced significant growth using TopSpot to manage Google Ads for our online store. So much so, that we are considering starting another online store with related products.

Owner  Industrial Manufacturing Company

Google AdWords and shopping ads are our ONLY advertising. We would not be able to use it to its maximum potential without TopSpot, and we would not be able to track the performance in nearly as detailed of a way.

Marketing Manager  Industrial Manufacturing Company

TopSpot has perfected our AdWords account and helped us launch re-marketing ads and the Google shopping campaign which we truly value. We look forward to seeing continued improvements as they work diligently to grow our campaigns.

Marketing Director  Small Business

Benefits of Shopping Ads

  • Higher Clickthrough Rates
    Because Shopping ads appear in their own box on the Google and Bing Search Results Pages in addition to a corresponding picture, e-commerce clients experience significantly more engagement with these ads. More engagement means a higher click through rate and a higher clickthrough rate (CTR) means more qualified traffic to your website.
  • Competitive Edge
    Although this ad format is gaining in popularity, there’s a chance your competitors haven’t taken advantage of it yet. If they have, consumers have the option to directly compare your product to theirs, and if implemented correctly, you should be able to outshine your competition.
  • Higher Conversion Rates
    Not only do you have more traffic, your traffic is more qualified. Because Shopping Ads contain additional detailed information that text ads do not, potential buyers have a better idea of your product offering which assists them in making a purchase decision even before they enter your site to complete the sale. These visitors are often searching with intent to buy, and Shopping Ads make it easy for them to convert.
  • More Real Estate
    Shopping Ads can appear more than once for a search query and alongside text ads and organic ads. This enhances your brand presence on the search engine result pages and a broader reach to your customers.


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Google and Microsoft Shopping can lead an e-commerce strategy – but it needs to be done correctly to receive the maximum benefits. Not sure if Product Listing Ads are right for you? We'd be happy to help you figure it out!

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