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Why You Should Consider Remarketing

We’ve all experienced this: we visit a website, leave without converting and find that an ad from the company "follows" you around the internet. Creepy? Sure. An effective way to drive sales? Most definitely.

Remarketing (sometimes referred to as Retargeting) is a great way to stay top of mind with potential new clients, especially if your product has a longer buying cycle, or if you're in a competitive market. It can also be very effective with e-commerce sales if used to target ads at users with abandoned shopping carts. If it makes sense for your business goals and desired audience (and it very well could), remarketing should be a part of your ongoing PPC strategy.

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The Time Lag report (shown here) is one of the reports we rely on to determine if remarketing is right for our clients. As you can see from this example, over 11% of this company's online revenue occurred anywhere from 12-90 days after the user's initial visit. This happens more often than you'd think!

Standard & Dynamic Remarketing Strategy

There are several different avenues one can take when implementing a remarketing ads management strategy. Your Account Manager will discuss with you the best route for your specific business goals.

Standard Remarketing serves your ads to past visitors to your website. Remarketing allows you to stay top of mind during the sales cycle as they browse the web or search on Google.

Dynamic Remarketing includes the specific product or service visitors viewed while on your website within the ads. Setting these ads up takes additional steps, but will be customized to the user’s original experience.

Benefits of Remarketing

Engaged Audience: The sales cycle, especially with B2B buyers, can be lengthy. Remarketing ads allow you to remain in front of a user that is already familiar with your products and services until they are ready to convert.

Targeting: You may have specific goals for your remarketing campaign such as reach visitors with abandoned shopping carts or re-engage with a customer a certain time period after they purchased – remarketing allows for customized strategies.

Price: Remarketing is surprisingly affordable, even for smaller brands.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads

When running a remarketing program, we will make sure to have the most popular ad sizes for desktop and mobile devices included in your program.

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