Manufacturing Web Design Case Study

Manufacturer Generates 500% Year Over Year Lead Growth With New Website

Increase in Total Online Leads
(71 vs. 17)
Increase in Online Leads from Organic Traffic
(34 vs. 3)
Increase in Form Submissions from Mobile Devices
(6 vs. 1)

Within the first three months of launch


Rol-Tec wanted a new, responsive website that would drive organic traffic, showcase their full product line, and provide an optimal user experience that would drive qualified leads for the business.


A PPC client since 2017, the TopSpot Team was able to utilize website and search data to design and build a website that would drive quality traffic, support their ongoing paid search initiatives, and generate qualified leads for the manufacturer.


The new industrial website began paying off quickly, with online leads increasing by 317.65% (71 v 17) in the first three months post-launch and maintained ongoing year-over-year growth within its first year with a 500% increase in leads compared to the previous year.

About Rol-Tec

Industry: Manufacturer    Headquarters: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Rol-Tec started in 1991 manufacturing rubber roll coverings. Since then they have expanded their products to include rubber rollers and custom rubber parts to move, coat, protect, and process products for nearly any industry. They came to TopSpot for PPC Advertising services in 2017 and later began the web design and development process that would increase their online presence while also improving leads.

Focus on Driving Qualified Traffic

From day one, the website development process was focused on making sure SEO was driving the structure and the content strategy of the new website. The Customer Relationship Team (CRT) worked to develop a sitemap that was focused on SEO and usability using search query data from the existing pay-per-click (PPC) program.

The Team identified high-intent searches that were used to guide their new plan for the sitemap and content. This led to the creation of entire sections of content for materials, industries and a heavy focus on product pages. Additional content that met the needs of both the users and search engines written to support the new pages. This not only helped organic traffic post-launch but paid search, as well. Due to the improved user experience and content to support its important keywords, the Google Ads program saw a 7.71% decrease in Cost-Per-Click throughout the first six months. Paying less per click meant having more funds per day to drive high-intent users to the site, which contributed to the increase in online leads from the paid search program. 

Meeting the Needs of High-Intent Users Through Content

The new site used several content strategies and methods for incorporating the kind of technical and supporting information Rol-Tec customers needed. The pages themselves include custom photography as well as charts and other graphically presented technical information. The text on the pages was updated to include specs and other details about the products, materials, and capabilities offered. PDFs with technical details are strategically placed where they are most relevant. All of these updates were made with the user in mind.

Within the first nine months after launch, the technical data found within the PDFs had been downloaded over 200 times by website users.
manufacturer form design

Converting Quality Users Into Quality Opportunitites

When a user reached the original Rol-Tec website, it was not easy to find how to contact the company. A single, short contact form was found only on the Contact Us page, or the client could manually call or email them.

For the new website, with the client’s goal of generating an increased number of qualified leads through the website in mind, the Team created a design that included multiple contact opportunities and replaced the email links with easier to manage short forms. This included a call to action in the upper right corner of the navigation menu, where a user’s eyes would naturally look for it. The forms created for the website were designed to better serve the needs of the user, with some being longer and more detailed, and others shorter and quick to fill out.

Throughout the first nine months, the two additional forms, Quick Question and Request a Quote, drove 58.88% of the online leads received by Rol-Tec.

Designing the New Face of Rol-Tec's Online Presence

Many steps were taken by the Design Team in order to bring the manufacturer's online presence up to speed with their manufacturing capabilities. One of the first steps was to take off the Flash design of the home page, which was un-crawable by search engines and couldn’t be loaded on all browsers. The logo was also updated to reflect the more modern vision of the company.

A lot of care was taken to represent the manufacturer appropriately through the website design. From the buttons and iconography used throughout the many new features, to the increased professional imagery, the entire website was designed to be fresh and user friendly. The top and bottom navigation blends in seamlessly with the rest of the page, making it easy for the user’s eyes to find what they are looking for.

award winning manufacturing website design
Scroll left to right to reveal before and after
website design for manufacturers

Easy to Navigate on All Devices

Thanks to the responsive website design, mobile users were provided an equally thoughtful website experience as those visiting the site via their computers. All of the features that made the desktop version so easy to use were also available on the mobile version. The intuitive navigation, the easy-to-access forms helpful content, and imagery were accessible regardless of the device used to view the site.

By creating a better user experience, more opportunities to convert, and more pages to drive organic traffic, the Team felt confident that the strategies in place would increase overall leads, including paid and organic-driven online leads.

Within the first nine months, traffic from mobile phones had increased by over 25%.
(1,848 vs 1,472)

Surpassing Expectations

The ongoing optimization efforts of Rol-Tec's Customer Relationship Team resulted in lead growth at every milestone.
One year later, the site's still driving quality leads for Rol-Tec.

Increase in Online Leads
(318 vs. 53)
Increase in Organic Website Leads
(150 vs. 17)
Increase in PPC Website Leads
(51 vs. 17)

when comparing the first year post-launch to the previous period


Houston AMA Crystal Award Finalist for Most Improved Website: Agency

Houston AMA Crystal Award Finalist for Most Improved Website: Agency

WebAwards Winner for Outstanding Website

Recognized at the 2020 WebAwards with an Outstanding Website Award

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