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Select Renovations Grows Business Through PPC

Fraser, MI

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Small Business Growth With Localized Paid Search

Local Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Select Renovations is a commercial and industrial roofing company based out of Fraser, Michigan with over 20 years of roofing experience. Over the years, Duro-Last Commercial Roofing has become the company’s specialty.  

Before partnering with TopSpot, Select Renovations was getting about one new lead per month from their website. One year later online leads have increased to an average of eight online and offline leads per month from PPC traffic, dramatically impacting the small business's growth.

Increase inqualified leads
increase inoverall website traffic
of online leadsgenerated by paid search

In Brief


The Select Renovations team had not done any type of online marketing before but wanted to increase the number of leads he was receiving from their website each month and recognized that moving from traditional marketing to a more digital-themed marketing strategy was the way to do it.


Budgets, strategies and engagements were discussed prior to the setup to ensure all goals and strategies were aligned. TopSpot then began crafting an approach to set up Select Renovations for success and enhance their web presence.


One year after launching the PPC program, online leads have increased from around one per month to an average of eight online and offline leads per month from PPC traffic alone. Overall traffic increased by 127.88% within 1 years' time, creating an 800% increase in overall leads earned per month with PPC traffic driving over 75% of that increase.


Analyzing the Details to Improve Performance

Prior to the launch of the Select Renovations PPC Program, TopSpot's in-depth analytics tracking installation was completed.


Google Analytics, Call Tracking and LOOP Analytics, TopSpot's proprietary form analytics platform, were installed to monitor and refine the Select Renovations program on an ongoing basis upon launch. The in-depth analytics tracking installation that is included in our set-up process allowed the TopSpot Team to monitor and adjust the new program based on incoming data. The team also reported back to the Select Renovations team members to confirm leads, quality search queries, etc. with the client. 

Program changes were implemented based on the client feedback the team received in order to hone in on the customers Select Renovations was wanting to target. 


The B-SMART Method®

After the initial kick-off meeting, the PPC Account Manager crafted a keyword strategy focused on Select Renovations' target audience using TopSpot's B-SMART Method®

For paid search specifically, this approach allows us to target users at any point in their buying cycle and tailor ads to their specific situation. For example, if a user searches for “commercial roof repair”, an ad discussing repair options would be shown. If a user searches for "warehouse roofing contractor", an ad directed towards warehouse roofing would be shown.  

By crafting a paid search program that speaks directly to Select Renovation's target audience, the team would drive more high-quality users to their site.

Local PPC Management

Targeted Pay-Per-Click Strategies

Since Select Renovations' service area was specific to Fraser, Michigan and its surrounding areas, local PPC strategies were utilized to ensure their budget was being spent in the correct geographic areas. Local geographically targeted campaigns were created along with location-focused campaigns targeting cities and towns plus different types of roofing applications. Campaigns were set to only show within a specific geographical radius that was agreed upon by the TopSpot and Select Renovations team.

Location Ad Extensions were enabled to allow the Select Renovations local maps listing to be shown in conjunction with their ad or within the maps listings themselves, above the organic results. 



total average onlinelead per monthbefore TopSpot
total average onlineleads per monthafter Topspot

The Results

800% Increase in Total Online Leads

One year after Select Renovation’s Google Ads (formally Adwords) campaigns launched, 75% of the company’s leads are coming from paid search. Also, by partnering with TopSpot and utilizing multiple Google products, Select Renovation’s leads have increased from around one per month to an average of seven leads per month from PPC traffic alone. Overall traffic increased by 231% from July 2017 to July 2018 creating an average of 800% increase in leads earned per month. 

within the first yearoverall traffic increased by

with PPC Traffic driving 64%of the total increase

When asked about business trends post-program launch, Select Renovations Owner stated:

“I recently hired a few new employees, when it was initially a one-man show, and I am now able to offer benefit packages because of the revenue and business received after launching the PPC program with TopSpot.”   Todd MartinOwner

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