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B2B Social Media PPC

Know Your Social Audience

With B2B social media paid advertising, businesses can target users based on the companies they work for, industries they work with, and their behaviors on these social media platforms.

If you are actively posting, commenting, and interacting with your clients on social media, testing ads on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Instagram, a social media ppc agency may be the right step for you!

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Team Geek Fun Fact All of our Customer Relationship Teams (like the one featured above) will work with you to find the right social channels for your audience and develop a strategy that aligns with your business.

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Social Media PPC Agency 

If it seems like the world revolves around social media, that’s because it does. Not only does it influence social lives, but it also sways personal interests, and even purchases.

Instead of spending your time and money broadcasting to wide and diverse audiences, social media allows you to hone in on specific demographics and interest groups. 

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of users surveyed watch online video specifically to do research for business purchases.

This is up from 20% in 2012.

At TopSpot, B2B social media paid advertising is an effective part of our integrated marketing strategy. In B2B digital marketing, there are often multiple touchpoints in the quoting process. Advertising on social media platforms can help get your message in front of your target customer at the right time in their buying cycle.

Benefits of Advertising through Social Media

  • Tailoring to Your Advertising Audience
    With B2B Social Media Paid Advertising you can target users based on the companies the work for, industries they work in, companies they follow, and their behaviors on these social media platforms.
  • Brand Your Business With Your Ideal Client
    Now that we are targeting your ideal client with our tailored Advertising Audience, we have the ability to show the right message to these users. We track how your tailored Advertising Audience interacts with your posts and give you the feedback needed to maximize the effectiveness of your social media efforts.
  • Keeping Your Business Top of Mind
    The average B2B buyer has 12 to 14 touchpoints before they decide to reach out and ask for a quote. Social media can play a crucial part in the purchasing process, ensuring your business is there and active is a step in the right direction.
  • Engagement
    Attending a tradeshow next month and want to make sure you connect with the people looking for your products? B2B social media paid advertising also gives you the ability to remarket to users who have already visited your website. Wouldn’t it be great if you could let these people know that you’ll be attending an event in their area?

What Can TopSpot Do For You?

At TopSpot, we know how to get your ads in front of the right people. If you want to delve into the different social media platforms, we can incorporate social media targeting into your overall PPC strategy.

We have ample experience in Facebook ads for industrial industries, and as a Premier Google Partner, our PPC account managers are all certified in YouTube advertising.


PPC Advertising for social media

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We want to make sure that your marketing dollars are being spent in areas where they will be most successful.

We typically wait to suggest starting paid social media marketing until we have a solid strategy in place. At that time, we will work with you on identifying the right social channels for your business, and developing a customized strategy that aligns with your goals.

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