Website Update Case Study

Stainless Steel Products’ New Website Strengthens Search Rankings and Leads

Increase in PPC conversion rate
(3.60% vs .04%)
Overall increase in conversion rate
(3.79% vs 2.11%)
Increase in organic goal completions
(106 vs 70)

In the First 6 Months Since Launch


Stainless Steel Products had an outdated website that was not producing the desired number of conversions from all traffic channels. The challenge was creating a modern website that included their priority products and materials to attract conversions in a highly competitive market where the search landscape is saturated.


Create a modern, user-friendly website with content reflective of business goals that highlights their products and services in a way that bolsters search results and aids in conversions due to ease of use.


The revised site saw an overall increase in website conversion rates when comparing pre- versus post-launch data. Additionally, we saw a 184.64% increase in organic traffic pre- versus post-launch; and over a 100% increase in click-to-call interactions.

About Stainless Steel Products 

Industry: Manufacturer and Supplier    Location: Deer Park, NY

Founded in 1995 and based in New York state, Stainless Steel Products is a leading materials manufacturer and supplier specializing in round and flat wire as well as value-added metal products. They also stock wire, tubing, bar, strip, and more. With a focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, the business partnered with TopSpot in 2020 for SEO and paid search services, then added the website update as part of their overall strategy in late 2021.

Image shows old website design (left) compared to updated design (right)
Scroll left to right to reveal before and after

The image shows the old website design (left) compared to the updated design (right).

More Than a Fresh Look: Updating User Experience and Brand Reputation with Modern Design

The original site was a few years old and posed several challenges for the team at SSP, including poor organic search rankings and conversions from all sources. However, the site also failed to represent the company as desired, wanting to keep pace with competitors and to illustrate their efficient operation, excellent customer service, and “can do” attitude. The TopSpot team collaborated with SSP on a cleaner design with strategic keywords and an emphasis on customer service messaging. The content was organized to enhance user experience, making it easier for prospects to search or browse to find the products or services they are looking for via clearly defined content sections. The results include a 2.5% conversion rate from pay-per-click visits, up from .05% with the previous site. More importantly, SSP got the brand representation they were looking for and that prospects responded to.

More Than Just Keywords: Content Expansion for Better Search Results

A new design and search strategy can only go so far without helpful content. The TopSpot team utilized the website rebuild to add more opportunities to help or educate customers, plus feature priority keywords. Additional sections included their competitive advantages, value-added services, and resources section with information on the materials offered.

The navigation was revised to feature products in priority versus alphabetical order, and the site overall prioritized feature products versus services to align with business goals, though their services were highlighted appropriately. The terms round wire, 304 wire, 260 brass wire, and stainless cut wire were used throughout the site and resulted in better rankings in both SEO and PPC. These search terms utilized the B-SMART method, focusing on priority products and their specifications.

Ranking first in Google search results for “260 brass flat wire”.

More Than Just Leads: Getting Quality Leads from Quality Companies

While an increase in leads is great, the lead quality is what really stands out in this success story. The team at SSP has been impressed with the companies contacting them and are seeing nationally recognized brands inquiring about their products.

A recent lead from Honeywell inquiring about flat wire illustrates the success in lead quality the company is receiving. However, the inquiry also shows that the form submission data from Loop provides validation of current keywords or potential keywords to fold into the search strategy. Keeping track of what terms prospects are actually using helps to ensure those terms are implemented in order to keep those quality leads coming.

More than Just Results: Going Beyond Revenue

Stainless Steel Products saw a need for better search rankings and for better conversions, and their collaboration with TopSpot resulted in a project that narrowed in on user intent (seen in the search strategy) and user experience (seen in the website updates). An updated website that applied search strategies and user experience created a result that went beyond the project's goals. It strengthened the company’s brand reputation, customer experience, and lead quality. The team at SSP received an uptick in leads that aided in their plans to add a new facility. While revenue is a key performance indicator, looking beyond that number to see a company's ability to expand operations and employ more people is just as impactful.

Increase in PPC conversion rate
(3.60% vs .04%)
Overall increase in conversion rate
(3.79% vs 2.11%)
Increase in organic goal completions
(106 vs 70)

In the First 6 Months Since Launch

Client Testimonial

"TopSpot received a 10/10 from SSP when asked how the Client would rate the website development process."




AMA Houston Crystal Awards

2023 Houston AMA Crystal Award for Website: Most Improved

Stevie Awards

Bronze Stevie Winner for Best Use of Data to Drive Brand Strategy

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