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For suppliers and distributors, discovery by the right B2B or industrial buyer is challenging due to longer lead cycles and your place within the supply chain. Upfront, suppliers sell to other businesses, while distributors come in at the end of the supply chain, selling to the final consumer. Both operations require specific targeting to drive quality traffic, which drives quality leads to their websites.

Digital Strategies for Supply and Distribution

What Does an Integrated Digital Marketing Approach Mean for Suppliers and Distributors?

An integrated supplier or distributor digital marketing strategy sees various elements of digital marketing working together to educate potential customers and generate quality leads. For instance, the keywords featured in your site content help your business get discovered in searches. 

Our integrated approach uses the following tactics to achieve results:

Supplier and Distributor Websites 

We build websites for suppliers and distributors by utilizing helpful content to help guide quality leads through what can often be a long buyer's journey. Our recommendations for a website's design and development are backed by data and informed by SEO and paid search strategies using our B-SMART Method®. This method highlights your company's values and offerings, using both to inform keywords that answer questions from potential buyers.  


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Search Engine Optimization or SEO for Suppliers and Distributors

SEO services for suppliers and distributors drive quality traffic to your website by utilizing target keywords your potential buyers use when searching for products you supply or distribute. As an SEO agency for suppliers and distributors, we offer content strategy, technical SEO, and SEO for E-Commerce to drive quality leads.

Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC) or Paid Search for Suppliers and Distributors

Paid Search for suppliers and distributors sees businesses pay search engines to place ads at the top of results pages for target keywords. With pay-per-click, you pay only when a user clicks on your ad. As a PPC services provider for suppliers and distributors, we offer strategic solutions that fit your budget, including social media pay-per-click, plus display ads and remarketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization for Suppliers and Distributors

Conversion rate optimization finds desired actions a business wants on its website (form submissions, downloads, or clicks-to-call) and implements ways to increase those actions. As a conversion rate optimization agency for suppliers and distributors, we use data to improve usability, test changes, and drive new business opportunities. 

Whether you choose an integrated approach or a stand-alone service, each tactic considers the specific needs of industrial suppliers and distributors.

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Strategize for Regional Considerations

We address potential questions buyers may have as well as questions key to your operation. Do you stock products or drop ship? Are you obligated to sell in certain regions? These questions then inform search and content strategies. For those who need to supply or distribute products to specific areas, TopSpot can work with you on search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising that target these areas and make your website reflect these regions. 


Location-Specific SEO for Suppliers and Distributors

Location-specific SEO strategies consider how users search to cater to needed regions and ensure those needs are strategically placed on your website.

Location-Specific PPC for Suppliers and Distributors

Your pay-per-click or paid ads can show in specific areas and can be as narrow as your business requires.

Working With B2B Suppliers and Distributors

As an internet marketing agency with over 20 years of online marketing experience in the B2B space, we've worked with business of all sizes and types on their PPC and SEO strategies including:


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Our website is responsible for bringing in a large percentage of our new accounts each month- representing continued growth for the company. TopSpot does exactly what their name implies by keeping our company located in the top spots on web search results. Plus… The staff is great to work with and most capable- a solid group of young professionals. (I was so impressed I even referred my recent college grad son to consider TopSpot as a career choice!)

Ed Walsh  Best Stainless & Alloys, LP

TopSpot has impacted our business for the better with quality leads; they are a team that is very knowledgeable and stay on top of the ever-changing “Google” search engine.

Business Owner  Wholesale Distribution Company

Digital Content for Suppliers and Distributors

Differentiate Your Supply or Distribution Business with Unique Content

Content strategy for supply chain marketing should convey your business goals and provide relevant information to your customers to help educate and aid in purchasing decisions. The challenge is that suppliers and distributors utilize content from the manufacturers they represent, which affects search engine visibility as they value unique and helpful content in algorithms. TopSpot can help you differentiate your content for search engines and from your direct competitors. 

If you're not sure if your content is unique enough, request a website audit where our Team can provide feedback and propose strategies to help differentiate your content.

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Marketing Analytics for Suppliers and Distributors

Content goes beyond search and your website is critical to later stages in the buyer's journey. TopSpot focuses on the customer experience within our website development and design strategies and ensures there are contact options visitors prefer. The next step focuses on customer service with call and form analytics to monitor this for both new and existing customers. This data can also guide digital marketing strategies by noting keywords used by real customers or informing product priorities.

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