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We take pride in having a positive impact for our clients with our internet marketing strategies. A few of our clients sat down in front of a camera to discuss how SEO, Pay Per Click and our Web Design and Development services have impacted their business.

Take a look at the following video testimonials and customer reviews:

Air Filters, Inc Internet Marketing and Website Testimonial

Anthony Dimicelli of Air Filters, Inc., an air filters and housings manufacturer, discusses the relationship his company has had with TopSpot Internet Marketing since 2004. TopSpot's e-commerce website development and integrated internet marketing has increased internet sales $14 million over the past five years.

Regal Plastics Web Development and Marketing Testimonial

Wayne Gono of Regal Plastics, a wholesale plastics distributor, describes the relationship of trust he has with his team at TopSpot Internet Marketing. TopSpot's web development and search marketing services have increased Regal Plastics conversions (RFQs) beyond expectations.

Metal Coatings Internet Marketing Testimonial

Tim Mullen of Metal Coatings Corp, an industrial coating services company, examines how TopSpot Internet Marketing's integrated internet marketing services helped his company grow his customer base and increase ROI.

Pollution Systems Internet Marketing Testimonial

Kevin Stevens of Pollution Systems, an industrial air pollution solutions company, expounds on how search engine optimization increased their web presence in Google and pay-per-click advertising assisted with the growth of their market in Mexico.

Bison ProFab Internet Marketing Testimonial

Brad Pladson of Bison ProFab, a custom electrical enclosures company, describes how a new website and search engine optimization services increased their leads from organic traffic.

Nationwide Plastics Internet Marketing Testimonial

Chris Jones of Nationwide Plastics, a plastics manufacturer and distributor, discusses how an integrated internet marketing strategy and a mobile paid search campaign expanded their business outside of Texas.

Stainless Drains Internet Marketing Testimonial

Shelia Heller of Stainless Drains, an industrial drain manufacturer, explains how the TopSpot Internet Marketing team services of website development and industrial internet marketing created website which increased their qualified leads.

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(Testimonial Sources: Techvalidate)

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