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Air Filters, Inc. Digital Marketing and Website Testimonial

From the start, TopSpot was founded with the goal of helping manufacturers, fabricators and other industrial companies grow into successful businesses through online marketing.

We asked the team at Air Filters, Inc., who we have partnered with since 2004, how our agency has impacted their filter manufacturing business since 2003 through our ongoing SEO, PPC, eCommerce website design and video production services.

Relationships are and will continue to be the foundation for our company.

Hear what some of our clients have to say about working with us. (Testimonial Sources: Techvalidate)

We’ve been working with TopSpot for 4 years now. Our web presence/web traffic increased tremendously. Our website looks better than ever. They bring new ideas to the table on regular basis. They are basically a great partner to work with. Anna NewtonMarketing Designer at Hunter Associates Laboratory, Inc.
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Audrey Brewer Mosley
Marketing Manager, WEIMA America, Inc.

TopSpot has completely overhauled our marketing efforts for the better. We have seen such great results (impressions, engagements, etc) since we have implemented TopSpot’s PPC and SEO campaigns. Their customer service is excellent, and I know they are on top of my campaign even when I’m not looking at it. I trust TopSpot and know that investing our marketing dollars in TopSpot was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my company since I took this position almost five years ago.

We have had the pleasure of partnering with TopSpot for a considerable time, and we are thrilled with the remarkable results they have delivered. Their team of experts has transformed our online presence with their impeccable search engine optimization strategies, resulting in a substantial surge in traffic and sales on our 44 Steaks website. Their team's proficiency, responsiveness, and commitment to our success have been remarkable. We highly recommend TopSpot for anyone looking to achieve outstanding results in their online business endeavors. Ethan BegleyDirector of Retail & Online Fulfillment for 44 Farms
Because of TopSpot, our RFQ leads have increased enormously – these are qualified, actionable leads. TopSpot is constantly tweaking the site and adding features to improve the customer experience. Global Digital Marketing LeaderMedium Enterprise, Industrial Manufacturing
We have seen great results, and have received great support from Topspot. Our online presence is a game changer for us. Karl GanshirOwner, Global Tooling Solutions, LLC
Depth, subject matter experts in various specialties, staying up to date with technical advancements. Jayson OlsonMarketing Manager, Dalsin Industries
When we launch a project, you immediately know (and hear from) the TopSpot team. They cover all angles. As someone that makes up the entirety of his department, having others engaged with a project is a big deal for me. Zack LoeprichMarketing Manager, Total Plastics, Inc
They have greatly helped to make our website look and flow better. They are constantly bringing things to our attention rather than waiting for us to give direction. It is wonderful! Clancy AradeiMarketing Professional, FOTOFABRICATION CORP.
I've been with TopSpot for 10+ years and have always been extremely satisfied with the level of service they provide and the results of their efforts. Brad PladsonOwner, Bison Profab
TopSpot’s efforts have been truly very beneficial for my business. The people involved are true professional and very attentive. Nick NofalPresident, Corporate Services International
I have found my interaction with the team at TopSpot to be collaborative and I appreciate that TopSpot takes a consultative approach to the sale rather than just doing what I ask of them. The reality is, TopSpot is the expert, and I rely on them to steer me to the right product based on my overall goal. I feel confident that they have my best interest at heart. Christie Jones Marketing Professional, SPIROL
TopSpot took our broken website and quickly developed a much-improved site that allows us to easily add products and information in a well-organized format. With constant changes in our business, it is refreshing to have TopSpot here to help us deliver our message to current and potential customers. Christa VerWayneVP of Marketing, Magnus Mobility Systems, Inc.
My ROI is better than ever when compared to when I was using printed ads in Directories and Yellow Pages. The reports are fantastic, easy to understand and used to navigate a different strategy to go after other markets. Their service and experience is priceless to my business. Ken WickmanOwner, Aluma Photo-Plate
Our company is not big enough to staff our own marketing team, so we have been tasked with doing this as our secondary job. We never really understood the whole picture of digital or online marketing, so we would just try different programs to see what worked. When TopSpot came along, they gave us a vision and helped us see the broad picture and were able to help steer our company in the right direction. Brian ScalfBusiness Professional, Ashley Ward
Simply put - our bottom line has greatly increased! The impact has been dollars - we're busier than we've ever been. And out of state sales are high. Vice PresidentSmall Business, Industrial Manufacturing
TopSpot has good transparency, professionalism, results, in-depth tracking, and data analysis – all of which help us to make good decisions. OwnerSmall Business, Industrial Manufacturing
We now have a clear, up to date, understanding of how our website visitors find us and what they search on our website. Mitch SpringerBusiness Professional, RP Machine
The staff is easy to work with and they have a lot of experience with manufacturing/industrial companies. Sarah PlummerMarketing Manager, PG Lifelink
Our team is excellent, empathetic and always adapting to changing markets and consumer needs. Jeff Craig IIVice President, Blaylock Gasket & Packaging
I have been very impressed with Topspot's performance with our PPC advertising campaign. They always look for ways to improve the quality of leads that our campaign is attracting. Marketing ProfessionalLarge Enterprise, Chemical Industry
They took our marketing efforts from zero to one hundred miles per hour in 3 months. Sal GarbarinoOwner, RTS Cutting Tools, Inc.
They are part of our business family. They strive to help us improve our business. Kipp WaldenBusiness Professional, Nationwide Plastics Inc.
TopSpot has increased our visibility on a national scale allowing us to target specific products and markets. The consistent lead generation has allowed our sales department to grow significantly without large investments in outside sales and complicated in house prospecting activities. Chris FlanaganVice President, Precision Urethane
TopSpot is very responsive to our needs. They have learned our business well so they can act as consultants when we engage in marketing activity. Our team is wonderful, dedicated, and hard working. We appreciate the work they do. Our ROI on this marketing investment is very strong. Tony BeigelExecutive, Electro-Coatings
Partnering with TopSpot has increased our web visibility and more importantly given me peace of mind. Finally, a vendor I can trust to do the right things without a lot of hand-holding from us. CEOSmall Business, Industrial Manufacturing
The team that works with us has been amazing. We have a monthly review that is typically given to us prior to our call so we can be prepared with questions prior. They are always giving us suggestions for improvement and have been very helpful in anything we ask of them. Tara GerhardtMarketing Professional, Duro-Last Roofing, Inc.
When it comes to the development and implementation of our marketing strategy, the team at TopSpot have been an invaluable resource and partner. We owe a lot of our success to this partnership. Brian PendarvisOwner, Pendarvis Manufacturing, Inc.
TopSpot’s teams are easy to work with, professional, responsive, and fast. I feel as though they care about and are invested in our success. Scott MadereMarketing Director, Worksite Lighting LLC
TopSpot increased quality traffic and leads to the website. A better shopping experience for customers. An expanded product offering. Operations ManagerSmall Business, Wholesale Distribution
We have gained a larger online presence, increased the number of orders and long-term customers, developed new relationships with customers in markets we were not competitive prior to updating our website, and are now able to track our sales and clients. Line of Business ManagerSmall Business, Consumer Products
The Shade Shop has been working with TopSpot for over a year now and we have been extremely pleased! They really take the time to understand your company and what you hope to achieve. All of their employees are extremely responsive and knowledgeable about all things SEO and pay-per-click related. Local Business OwnerThe Shade Shop
TopSpot has been an integral part of our marketing strategy and has helped ensure our visibility on popular product-related searches where we might not otherwise appear. John WadleyMarketing Manager, Keller America
Our website is responsible in bringing in a large percentage of our new accounts each month- representing continued growth for the company. TopSpot does exactly what their name implies by keeping our company located in the top spots on web search results. Plus… The staff is great to work with and most capable- a solid group of young professionals. (I was so impressed I even referred my recently college grad son to consider TopSpot as a career choice!) Ed WalshVice President, Best Stainless & Alloys, LP
Before TopSpot, we had zero on-line presence.Now our customers tell us that our website has a lot of valuable information and meets their needs. Kim WirthExecutive, West Coast Netting, Inc.
TopSpot has been very thorough with our Google AdWords campaign. TopSpot proves why it's important to let the professional manage our account vs keeping it in-house. Brittany RabreauMarketing Director, Shaw Stainless & Alloy
TopSpot has been our partner since 2015 and they take care of our PPC Ads. Thanks to their good work we have seen an increase in the quality and quantity of our contacts. Their regular monthly reports help us to stay informed of the trends in our market niche. We are very thankful also to the TopSpot team that we work with. They are always helpful and available to answer all our questions.  Marketing ProfessionalSmall Business, Electronics Company
We have experienced significant growth using TopSpot to manage Google Adwords for our online store. So much so, that we are considering starting another online store with related products. Mike ArltOwner, Resources For Manufacturing, Inc.
Form submissions have also given us another way to obtain the “voice of the customer”. Finding complaints, compliments, and patterns in the form submissions helps us to know where we can improve as a company to better serve our customers. Randy OlsonMarketing Professional, Hennig, Inc.
Our online sales have increased. The suggestions and changes to our website have been very beneficial. Being able to track the responses by assigning specific phone numbers to our mailings, sell sheets and other marketing venues have been very informative. ManagerSmall Business, Industrial Manufacturing Company
TopSpot has provided us the tools to measure our results in online marketing. This allows us to make informed decisions on budgeting to better align our brand with strategies that work within the scope of our individual marketing objectives. Marketing ManagerSmall Business, Manufacturing
We have redesigned our site, more recently our homepage and are now moving to updating the website to match our updated custom product offering.It has established credibility for us in the industry because we are moving towards a clear goal and strategy that has helped us increase leads and sales. Our previous website put forth a standard stocked mfg or distributor company which is the exact opposite of what we were. Knowing how busy our day gets, our Sales and Customer Service team uses the site as a tool to help serve prospects and customers the information that they want instantaneously. Cheldra MosemannSales Manager, Nema Enclosures, Mfg. LLC
The redesign of our website has significantly improved. And we’ve seen an uptick in leads, RFQs, and catalog downloads. Marketing ProfessionalSmall Business, Industrial Manufacturing Company
TopSpot has helped us transition from reactive digital marketing with unknown value to the leading edge of industrial digital marketing. Marketing ProfessionalSmall Business, Manufacturing
Because we do not have an active marketing team, we trust that TopSpot will do what is right for our business.They work with us to help get us where we want to go.  Jason KochVice President, The Net House
TopSpot has impacted our business for the better with quality leads; they are a team that is very knowledgeable and stay on top of the for ever changing “Google” search engine.  Operations ManagerSmall Business Wholesale Distribution Company
We consider TopSpot an integral part of our team. I’m certain we would not have experienced the level of success we’ve had, if not for our relationship with TopSpot. Brad PladsonSenior Executive, Bison Profab
Google AdWords and shopping ads are our ONLY advertising. We would not be able to use it to its maximum potential without TopSpot and we would not be able to track the performance in nearly as detailed of a way. Marketing ManagerSmall Business, Industrial Manufacturing Company
They are patient enough to work with a small company that is slow to forward information for the website due to time constraints. They worked with me to understand how important a good website is to draw in new customers.The product looks and works professionally. Scott MaurerSmall Business, Industrial Manufacturing Company
Service from TopSpot has always been top notch. Our account managers are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and always looking for ways to tweak our campaign so we get the most out of the program. Jennifer MayoMarketing Professional, De Dietrich Process Systems, Inc.
TopSpot has directed visits to our website by PPC advertising and search optimization, therefore improving our presence and increasing the number of leads that come through the website. Glen LiddellSales Executive, Spectrum Corp.
TopSpot has greatly improved the look and functionality of our website, giving a professional, modern look with smooth page transitions. TopSpot has also provided very useful recommendations on SEO improvements. Most of our new accounts find us online and come through our website first.  Logan Hurt Marketing Professional, Southern Tool Steel, LLC
TopSpot continues to raise our SEO position and work with us in our PPC campaign to push leads to our site. We have a very specific market and TopSpot meets with us every other week to review current leads and see what changes need to be made to ensure we are maximizing opportunities. Lynne SandersAir Purification, Inc.
TopSpot brings a lot of knowledge to the table that we were not privy to with our prior SEO Internet Marketing Company. The best part of this is, that they share their knowledge with me, so that I, in turn, can do a better job for my company. We have worked together to grow the Organic portion of our website and the analytics show it is paying off! Nancy Baer-BellMarketing Professional, PSI Urethanes, Inc.
Their entire staff reflects professionalism and attention to detail over the entire process of SEO engineering and website design. Could not be more pleased with their efforts and the results caused by their activities. Steve GarzaSales Manager, Aber Fence and Supply Company, Inc.
We rely heavily on the website for leads, providing information about our products and services and for on going information through blogs. TopSpot has kept our site up to date and able to maintain a high level of visibility to those that search for a type of products and services. Daniel BoehmVice President, Spectrum
The website they built for us generates a significant number of leads that we can follow up on, many of which are new contacts and new customers. Previously with our old website, we did not have that capability. Marketing ManagerMedium Enterprise Retail Company
We’ve really enjoyed having TopSpot help us redesign and relaunch our new website. We immediately have seen and enjoyed a significant amount of increased traffic to our site as well as contact forms. OwnerSmall Business Construction Company
TopSpot has provided us the tools to measure our results in online marketing. This allows us to make informed decisions on budgeting to better align our brand with strategies that work within the scope of our individual marketing objectives. Marketing ManagerIndustrial Manufacturing Company
Creating a web site can be exhausting. It was with TopSpot's "hand holding" and persistence, that as a team, it finished. We were extremely satisfied with the end results.Our clients and even competition have commented on the site. Hank TaylorOwner, Epoxy Design Systems, Inc.
We've tried other agencies to partner with over the years and TopSpot is the only one who really understands B2B in manufacturing markets. Michael
Great customer service makes a difference to my company when selecting vendors. Our reps seem to really care about what they do for us and want to help Eutsler increase business. ControllerIndustrial Manufacturing Company
I have only been pleased with the entire TopSpot team. I have worked with at least 7 people in the last year and each was brilliantly talented, easy to work with, and driven. Clancy AmadeiMarketing, FOTOFAB
The team at TopSpot made building our new company website a pleasant and seamless experience. I can't thank them enough. Danielle ChanceConsultant, Saginaw Pipe Co., Inc.
Our team at TopSpot always makes time to talk with me and answer any questions I have, which is quite often. I am so grateful for the dedication and determination of our team to make sure we are doing everything we can to ensure our business succeeds. Tommie FleemanBusiness Professional, Backyard Oasis
TopSpot is the first agency that we feel understands our unique circumstances and goals. The team has never tried to convince us to move away from our goals and is creative in providing feedback and suggestions on how to improve our campaign. Digital Marketing DirectorEducational Institution
Professionalism, great customer service, excellent at all aspects of our website needs, especially SEO, SEM, Google Analytics. Lynda SchlarmanMarketing Professional, PG Lifelink
TopSpot has helped us build our pay per click ads from the ground up. We get a lot of direct and organic search traffic, but paid search is still a significant part of our online traffic. TopSpot has helped us leverage this channel to find a number of opportunities, leads, and new customers. Jennifer MayoDe Dietrich Process Systems, Inc
TopSpot has perfected our AdWords account and helped us launch re-marketing ads and the Google shopping campaign which we truly value. We look forward to see continued improvements as they work diligently to grow our campaigns. Brittany RabreauMarketing Director, Shaw Stainless & Alloy
We have been in slump for over a year with our previous website being very difficult to optimize for SEO. Since engaging TopSpot we have started to see an increase in activity as well as the quality of inquiries we are getting. Kimberly TinsleyICP America, Inc.
Not having the advanced SEO technical skills in-house, TopSpot came on board with an SEO strategy added their knowledgeable google magic and we now rank in the top 10 of most of our keywords in our industry. Brian LaBelleMarketing Professional, US Metals
TopSpot has an impressively deep team of developers, paid search and optimization experts. They are also quite responsive compared to other digital marketing companies I’ve worked with. Amy BenesMarketing Professional, Leeco Steel
TopSpot does a great job for me. They are continually reaching out to better how we do business. I have had millions of dollars worth of new business that can be directly related to my relationship with the team at TopSpot. Millions!  Brian PendarvisOwner, Pendarvis Manufacturing
The TopSpot Team is very knowledgeable on SEO and very focused on me as a customer.  Gordan MusgroveOwner, The Service Center Ltd
I love that I have a team with individual specialties to take care of my account. Each Team Member contributes something unique. Connie ReeseMarketing Director, Inline Services LLC
TopSpot is very thorough with their SEO approach and gives great insight on each monthly call on how to improve our program. Eric MadsenMarketing Professional, Pucel Enterprises
TopSpot is very hands on and great at communicating with us and offering great ideas to help grow our business. Suzette WebsterSocial Media Manager, Blades Wellness and Aesthetics
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