The B-SMART Method®

Target Your Audience

With 167 billion searches conducted on Google each month (Source: Search Engine Land), and 15% of all searches being totally unique (Source: Google), it is important to understand which searches you should be targeting and which ones you should not.

For example, a search that includes modifiers like size and type (like “3 ton air cooled chiller”) can tell us much more about a user’s needs and where they are in the decision-making process than a broad search (like “chillers”).

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Meet Your Goals

At TopSpot, we understand that the search defines the user.

From website architecture to keyword research, our B-SMART Method® is used as the foundation of our strategies to make sure that we’re meeting your business goals. Our methodology allows us to identify the audience who is most likely searching for your products or services, which means that they will be more prone to request a quote or give you a phone call. It has even identified opportunities in new markets for our clients.

After 15+ years of studying behavioral data from search queries conducted on search engines and internal site search data,  we created The B-SMART® Method to provide marketers and business owners a structure on how to target their specific audience.


Here is how B-SMART® can be applied to different types of businesses for their digital marketing strategy:

While not every aspect of our B-SMART® method may apply to your business, the ones that do will help us create a strategy that is specific to your goals. 

That’s where our process of getting to know your business is so important. We dive into your specific needs to make sure our marketing approach is effective for your unique goals. 

With TopSpot, there is no cookie cutter technique, which is why we developed a method that adapts and encompasses every aspect of your marketing strategy.

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Understanding Google’s Search Refinements

Google is testing detailed search refinements by brand, material, and type in search results. See how you can use TopSpot's B-SMART® Method to understand their tests and how to use it to your advantage in your digital marketing strategy.

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How to Build a Winning Content Strategy

The way people search says a lot about their intent for your product or service. So why wouldn't you want your content to speak to those who are searching with high intent keywords? Watch our on-demand webinar & learn how to use your website data to build a winning content strategy.

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How Does the B-SMART® Method Apply to You?

TopSpot's B-SMART® Method is the product of studying data from our clients for over 15 years and serves as the foundation of our digital strategies - from site architecture to keyword research to content strategy. Download our worksheet and learn how to apply it to your website's goals.

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Did You Know?



of B2B buyers said it is very important that a vendor's website

present relevant content that speaks directly to their company.

said it is very important that a website

address the needs of their industry.

of buyers expect an experience tailored to their individual interests and needs

even if they conduct an anonymous search.


Our B-SMART Method®  can help you determine exactly what your users are looking for and the content you need to provide!

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