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TopSpot partners with TechValidate, a survey platform and content creation tool, to gather content, market research and to gain insights into our customers’ experiences with us through surveys that we create and send out to our customer base.

Survey results and data are used for blog posts, in our email marketing, in-person events & webinars, and for the various digital marketing guides we publish.

View some of our favorite stats below.

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The Customer Journey : The Search Landscape

Each survey we conduct using Techvalidate helps us better understand the needs of our customers by gaining additional insight into their own search behaviors when sourcing vendors. The stats below were comprised from a few recent surveys we conducted regarding customer experience and the online landscape.

Will turn to search engines

First when sourcing a new supplier.

Agree that when doing an internet search and seeing a company with more than one listing on the first page they are more likely to visit

That company’s website versus the other sites on the page with only one

Of those asked saidthey look at the 3rd page of the search results or beyond, before revising their search
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The Customer Journey

Making the Right Impression


of surveyed agree

A website without contact information would cause them to leave the site and not consider that business moving forward.


of surveyed agree

Technical information is important to their decision-making process when sourcing a new vendor.


of surveyed agree

A website that was difficult to navigate would cause them to leave the site and not consider that business moving forward.

of surveyed agreed

It is important that the website they visit is mobile friendly


of surveyed agree

An unprofessional looking website would cause them to leave the site and not consider that business moving forward.


will visit a potential supplier's website

At least 2-4 times before moving forward with submitting a quote request or making a purchase.

Closing the Sales Loop

The Importance of Customer Service

A great website supported by solid digital marketing efforts can only get you so far if your post-conversion customer experience is lacking.  What experience are you providing once your users pick up the phone or submit a form?


Of surveyed customers find

the customer service very important when selecting a new supplier.

Typically request a quote from up to

5 different businesses when searching for a new vendor / supplier.

Of surveyed customers expect

a response time the same day when contacting a potential supplier.

agree that a company's online reviews

are important when making a final decision about a potential vendor.

of those asked work at a company

where customer service training is held at least once a year.

of those sent to the voicemail

of a potential new supplier or vendor would leave a message. The rest stated that they would hang up.

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