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The TopSpot Approach

At TopSpot, we use analytics tools to help your company generate the leads it needs in order to make more sales. Your company has unique goals, and that’s why our approach is unique as well. We get to know your business and dig into the type of content and lead generation strategies that will help the most. We don’t create generic reports that are the same for every client. Instead, we make sure we set up your site to acquire leads that are the most useful for a jump in revenue and profitability.

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Our In-Depth Set-Up Process

Getting Started

Our approach to digital marketing is holistic and deliberate.

Each time we get the opportunity to work with a new business, we approach it with a fresh perspective in order to address every individual client’s needs.

of surveyed customers agreed that their online strategy

has evolved since they began working with TopSpot.


Before We Meet

We understand that before you get introduced to our internal team, you have already had multiple meetings with one of our sales representatives. You have discussed pain-points, website goals, and your business needs. We make sure that before you even meet with your new marketing team, they already have a solid understanding of those conversations, have reviewed your website and your competition, so no time is wasted on getting caught up.

Our Methodology

After our initial kick-off meeting where we get to know the ins and out of your business, we will craft a strategy around your unique business goals using our B-SMART Method®. This allows us to hone in on the audience that’s serious about doing business with you based on how they are searching for your products and services. We use this methodology in everything from our keyword research to our content strategies to our website development approach.

Analytics Setup

Our analytics team is comprised of implementation engineers whose sole focus is to install analytics for our new clients. Our standard analytics install process consists of three phases with an 82-point checklist. This process can expand with advances in tracking technology and system features and takes an average of eight hours with some taking over 20.

Get an Audit of Your Website

TopSpot has increased our visibility on a national scale allowing us to target specific products and markets. The consistent lead generation has allowed our sales department to grow significantly without large investments in outside sales and complicated in house prospecting activities.

Chris Flanagan  Precision Urethane

Form submissions have also given us another way to obtain the “voice of the customer”. Finding complaints, compliments, and patterns in the form submissions helps us to know where we can improve as a company to better serve our customers.

Randy Olson  Hennig, Inc.


Reporting, Testing & Refining

Whether we begin our relationship focusing on a single service, like Pay-Per-Click, or you launch a new website that has PPC and ongoing Search Engine Optimization, we will always be providing feedback on how your program is doing, and how your website data is guiding our recommendations and strategies.

So what does a standard digital analysis from TopSpot include? You get a keyword analysis, user behavior analysis, traffic trends, and reporting on phone and website leads generated. You also get progress updates on goals, program recommendations, and post-conversion observations. These reports are a standard monthly deliverable but are also provided on a weekly or bi-weekly basis if that’s what works best for you.

We use the data in these reports to move forward with strategy recommendations on aspects of your marketing from the scoping process for a new website to a PPC program to overall web strategy shifts.

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Lead Analysis

We understand that not every lead is a good lead, and will help to refine your programs, forms, and website messaging to only bring in the type of leads that are right for your business, even if that means a lower number quantity wise.

At TopSpot, we utilize call analytics and form tracking software to track how potential customers are interacting with your site. By evaluating the phone calls generated by your website and the forms being submitted on your site, we can shed some light on the quality of each lead and where to focus time and money. 


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Form Analytics

Form analytics data helps our team stay up to date on your business. The insights we gain based on the information we gather from your form data helps us to find new opportunities to grow your online presence.

Using our in-house form analytics platform, LOOP Analytics, our team will report on form submission data and visitor history.


Call Analytics

Call analytics provides insights into the technical aspects of your product offerings, how users are interacting with your site, the quality of the calls generated by different channels and more.

It also gives us a sense of how callers are being greeted and handled on the phone. Are they getting stuck in the phone system, receiving voicemails or not receiving great customer service? All are things that will ultimately affect your ROI.


We Have The Same Goals

Ultimately, you just want a marketing plan that is effective in growing your business. From its very beginning, TopSpot started with the same goal for our clients. The data we gather from leads and the resulting analysis is one of the most effective tools to meet that goal.

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