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What is an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy?

In today’s search landscape, there are many marketing channels to consider when trying to build a successful online presence.  From targeting your key audience to measuring the quality of your leads and everything in-between, there is a lot to consider!

Having an integrated digital marketing strategy means:

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Often times businesses look at SEO and SEM as two completely separate entities. While they are certainly different, we have found a lot of benefit in looking at SEO and SEM as two entities that work together towards a complete internet marketing strategy. Below are a few examples of how integrating your SEO and SEM programs might help your business succeed online:

  • Keyword Strategy - While keyword strategies for SEO and Paid Search are approached differently, their goals are often the same - bring qualified users into a website who are likely to convert. Data from both sides can help shape the keyword strategy for each and make it better. Also, PPC keyword data is perfect to supplement the lack of organic keyword data on the SEO side because of (not provided).
  • Content Strategy - PPC data can influence content strategy for new page ideas, content expansion and more. Content suggestions and improvements we often make can benefit paid search efforts by improving quality scores, which potentially can reduce cost-per-click and make budgets go a little farther.
  • User Experience - No matter how stellar your website traffic numbers are, users must have a good experience on your site and get the information they need if you want them to convert into a lead. Couple PPC and SEO data with Conversion Improvement, and you help bridge the gap between search results and website experience. 

How We Approach Integrated Marketing

Customer Relationship Teams

Having a holistic digital marketing strategy where your SEO & SEM programs are working together, their data is being utilized to guide your website updates, content strategy, etc. sounds like the way to go. However, when it comes to a modern, comprehensive marketing strategy, business owners face many challenges. While being focused on their company’s day-to-day operations, personnel, and profit, they do not have the time, desire, knowledge or resources to plan, execute and measure their online marketing strategies.

At TopSpot, our solution to the business owner’s predicament is outsourcing your online marketing needs to a reputable, knowledgeable marketing team, or as we like to call them, Customer Relationship Teams (CRTs). 

If you do both SEO & PPC with us, or even just SEO, you have your own CRT which includes a Team Lead, SEO, PPC and Conversion Improvement Specialist. Team members also have access to our analytics implementation team, designers, developers and other senior team members if needed.


With this holistic approach to B2B digital marketing, our team members strategize together on their accounts, giving each client access to a team of skilled specialists, all with unique ideas for growing their business.

We have found that this approach is successful because it allows better synergy among each department versus working with different individuals who may or may not be communicating their channel's goals to the other individuals working on your program.

Not sure you are ready for a full team? Not to worry! Our Services are available as both stand-alone offerings or as part of an integrated strategy at a monthly budget you feel comfortable with.

Request an Audit of your current strategies to see where we’d recommend getting started!

An Extension Of Your Business

The customer relationship team approach was born out of our belief that the best internet marketing partner is one that works as an extension of your business. Learning and understanding your business goals and then combining our knowledge in your industry and online marketing, we're able to come up with unique strategies to address every individual client's needs. There's no cookie cutter type approach with our setup and management process around here. 

digital marketing team collaboration

If there is one thing you should know about TopSpotters, it is that we love learning about what makes your business tick! We want to visit your shop floor and see how things work. 

Getting a tour of a client’s facility and seeing their equipment in action and their processes in place gives us a better idea of how to market their business online. 

You'll never meet a group of people more excited about a facility tour than us! 

And just because you’re located across the country doesn’t mean you won’t get some face time with us. Our teammates regularly travel to see clients for in-person strategy discussions and site visits.

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At TopSpot, we know that just as no two companies are identical so no two web marketing campaigns should be the same. We understand the needs of an industrial or B2B integrated strategy may differ from a B2C or non-profit marketing strategy. By working closely with you, our team of internet marketers will develop the customized integrated marketing strategy that will assist with conversions, sales and growth of your business.

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