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What is an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy?

In today’s search landscape, there are many considerations to make when building a successful online presence. Having an integrated digital marketing strategy means:

  • You are utilizing multiple channels (like SEO, SEM, Email Campaigns, etc.) to market your website.

  • You have a team working together ensuring each of these channels is cohesively achieving your goals.

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Why Choose Just One?

SEO & SEM, better together

Often times businesses look at SEO and SEM as two completely separate entities.

While they are certainly different, we have found a lot of benefit in looking at SEO and SEM as two entities that work together towards a complete internet marketing strategy. Below are a few examples of how integrating your SEO and SEM programs might help your business succeed online:

of users we surveyed said they are more likely to click on a website that appears on page 1 of Google more than once.

When used together, SEO & SEM provide credibility within the search results.

Keyword Strategy

While keyword strategies for SEO and Paid Search are approached differently, their goals are often the same - bring qualified users into a website who are likely to convert. Data from both sides can help shape the keyword strategy for each and make it better. Also, PPC keyword data is perfect to supplement the lack of organic keyword data on the SEO side because of (not provided).

Content Strategy

PPC data can influence content strategy for new page ideas, content expansion and more. Content suggestions and improvements we often make can benefit paid search efforts by improving quality scores, which potentially can reduce cost-per-click and make budgets go a little farther.

User Experience

No matter how stellar your website traffic numbers are, users must have a good experience on your site and get the information they need if you want them to convert into a lead. Couple PPC and SEO data with Conversion Optimization, and you help bridge the gap between search results and website experience.

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Our Approach

Customer Relationship Teams

Having a holistic digital marketing strategy where your SEO & SEM programs are working together, their data is being utilized to guide your website updates, content strategy, etc. sounds like the way to go.

However, when it comes to a modern, comprehensive marketing strategy, business owners face many challenges. While being focused on their company’s day-to-day operations, personnel, and profit, they do not have the time, desire, knowledge, or resources to plan, execute, and measure their online marketing strategies.

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At TopSpot, our solution to the business owner’s predicament is outsourcing your online marketing needs to a reputable, knowledgeable marketing team, or as we like to call them, Customer Relationship Teams (CRTs)

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Case Study

Our Integrated Approach with Content

Background: While working with a client who manufacturers enclosures, our team identified some specific types of Traffic Control Cabinets that were being searched for and driving traffic through the Paid Search program.

While there was a traffic signal cabinet page on the website, it was not optimized for the specific cabinet options identified in the search queries.

Keyword and Content Strategy: The main page was updated and specific pages were created for each cabinet type. Keywords were added to the PPC program to reflect the specific types as well.

Results: They are now getting a steady flow of traffic & leads for these cabinets.

With both PPC & SEO focused on these specific cabinet types, the client was able to show up multiple times for the same search, adding credibility to their website for those looking for the specific cabinet types.

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5 Ways to Get Ahead With an Integrated Approach

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TopSpot Named Best Large Integrated Agency at US Search Awards

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have been named 2020’s Best Large Integrated Agency at the US Search Awards! This is the second time our Team has been recognized with this designation since 2018.

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They have greatly helped to make our website look and flow better. They are constantly bringing things to our attention rather than waiting for us to give direction. It is wonderful!

Clancy Aradei, Fotofabrication Corporation

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When you're ready to get started, you will first be introduced to your customer relationship team in our Houston office. After an introductory meeting and a preliminary website audit, we'll get started on setting the right foundation for meeting your business goals. If you'd like a preliminary audit of your website to help you determine whether or not our services would be helpful, we can start there too!

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