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Digital Marketing for Manufacturers, Fabricators, and OEMs

Digital Marketing for Manufacturers since 2003

TopSpot specializes in digital marketing for industrial manufacturers, fabricators, OEMs, CNC shops, and more. Our digital marketing agency helps manufacturers of all sizes grow through online lead generation using an integrated approach that includes strategies focused on supporting businesses with longer lead cycles.

Whether it’s pumps, vessels, fasteners, or a niche product, we can work with you on a manufacturing-focused digital marketing strategy that works for your business. Pending your needs, a dedicated account specialist or a Customer Relationship Team will function as an extension of your business to create tailored online marketing strategies focused on results that matter—high-quality leads that drive new business opportunities and increase revenue.

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Manufacturer-Focused Digital Marketing

What Does an Integrated Digital Marketing Approach Mean for Manufacturers?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Manufacturers

SEO is the process of driving quality traffic to your website by utilizing target keywords your potential buyers use when searching for products and services you offer. As an award-winning SEO agency with decades of experience working with manufacturers, we work with you to develop a unique SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals to help you show up in the right search landscapes. We understand that driving the right kind of traffic to your website brings you the right kind of leads.


Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC) for Manufacturers

Paid Search for manufacturing is the process in which businesses pay search engines to place their ads at the top of results pages for target keywords. With pay-per-click, businesses pay only when a user clicks on their ad. As a manufacturing PPC agency, we offer strategic solutions for your budget to drive targeted, relevant traffic to your website. 


Remarketing for Manufacturers

Given the long buyer’s journey ahead, we strategize on efforts to stay top of mind for users who have visited your site multiple times but haven’t yet converted.  


Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization for manufacturing is the process of finding desired actions a business wants on its website (form submission, downloads, or click-to-call) and implementing ways to increase those actions. Included as part of our Customer Relationship Team structure, our Conversion Optimization Team uses data to improve usability, test changes, and drive new business opportunities.

While you build your products and focus on adhering to the highest quality standards for your customers, we work to build your digital presence and ensure it drives quality leads. We do this with an integrated approach using the following tactics:

Websites for Manufacturing

We build websites for our Manufacturing clients with an integrated approach to digital marketing in mind, meaning that every website recommendation we make is backed by data and informed by SEO and PPC strategies.

Creating Websites for Manufacturers with Distribution in Mind

Manufacturers that sell through distribution have a unique challenge as they have different goals than a manufacturer that sells to end users, and they must make sure they are sensitive to their distributors’ web presence. We understand this and can help differentiate your website while meeting these goals, and can integrate catalogs with 3D drawings.

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Making a Difference with Digital Marketing for Manufacturers 

The decision to invest in an internet marketing partner is an important one. We are a results-focused company that believes in clear reporting of our progress and the strength of our Client partnerships. We help businesses bring in revenue that expands facilities and staff, and improves equipment, benefits, and livelihoods.

The industries listed below are just a small sample of specialized industries we have provided successful industrial digital strategies for:



OEM Digital Marketing

All good marketing is only as good as the sum of its parts, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can relate. With experience in OEM digital marketing strategies, TopSpot can help attract B2B buyers and establish your brand under larger brand umbrellas.



Why Industrial Internet Marketing for Manufacturing Matters

Our Leadership Team started working with manufacturers in 2003 to grow their online presence, so we know how to target a business's key audience to drive results while also differentiating them from other industrial companies online. This infographic includes detailed knowledge of the industrial buyer. Additionally, read about our experiences with other manufacturers in our case studies.

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digital marketing for manufacturers

TopSpot does a great job for me. They are continually reaching out to better how we do business. I have had millions of dollars worth of new business that can be directly related to my relationship with the team at TopSpot. Millions!

Brian Pendarvis  Pendarvis Manufacturing

The staff is easy to work with and they have a lot of experience with manufacturing/industrial companies.

Sarah Plummer  PG Lifelink

Our ROI on this marketing investment is very strong. TopSpot is very responsive to our needs. They have learned our business well so they can act as consultants when we engage in marketing activity. Our team is wonderful, dedicated, and hard working. We appreciate the work they do.

Tony Beigel  Electro-Coatings

Manufacturing SEO and Manufacturing PPC Services

How We Target Industrial Buyers

As a digital marketing agency for manufacturers, fabricators, and OEMs—we make it our goal to provide SEO and PPC services to meet your needs, but how do we target that specific audience? 

The way people search says a lot about their intent for your product or service. Our B-SMART Method® is used in every aspect of our marketing strategy, from industrial-focused keyword research and content to manufacturing website design and development. 

For example, showing up for outdoor enclosures using broader keywords may bring in a lot of traffic but will attract users looking for patio enclosures or similar items. For a business that fabricates electrical and metal enclosures, utilizing product specifics outlined in the B-SMART Method will reduce these users and target quality leads.

TopSpot is a member of the following manufacturer associations:

Optimize for Longer Industrial B2B Lead Cycles

We understand the lead cycle for manufacturers, fabricators, and OEMS can be long, so every touchpoint with your potential customers can make an impact. 

While our integrated approach and optimization strategies consider what customers look for during the research and decision-making phases, we also track and review leads coming in to ensure future lead cycles are more effective. The tools listed to the right also help identify new business opportunities and can help improve customer service for current clients.



Website Form and Phone Call Tracking

Track forms with our proprietary tool LOOP Analytics and calls with our analytics tool CallRail, to analyze lead quality and improve your customer service.

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User Behavior Report

See a user's activity across your site and identify companies and target industries visiting your website.

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CRM Integration

Depending on your CRM system, we can work on custom solutions to integrate our analytics tools into your software.

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