November 13 2013


Engaging with Visitors Beyond the Conversion

How to Optimize the Thank You Page

There is a page that is guaranteed to be visited by every user performing a favorable action on your website: your “thank you” page, which loads solely to confirm an action’s delivery.

Almost every Webmaster focuses on trying to optimize landing pages in an attempt to bring targeted visitors to their site and to get them to convert. This makes sense as landing pages are a high priority and important part of each strategy for SEO, Paid Search and Conversion Improvement. For your users who convert, there is another opportunity to keep them engaged with your brand, an opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked.

A typical Thank You page goes something like this, “Thank you for submitting your [question / RFQ / Payment]. Someone will be in touch with you shortly.” But does the online interaction with your customer have to end there?

The users who receive the thank you page on your site are generally guaranteed to be interested in your product or service. They’ve made it that far, meaning they’ve made an effort to get in contact or purchase something from you. Whether it’s a new or a returning customer who has traveled to your site via your Paid Search or SEO strategies or just a referral, there is potential here because of their level of engagement with your site.

To get the most out of this engagement, there are ways where you can do more than just say thank you. Encourage users to continue to interact with your brand to add value to you, your customer and your web site.

What are some ways you can use your Thank You Page for other branding opportunities?


Do you utilize your blog to provide answers to commonly asked questions, provide company updates to customers or showcase ways your product is used? If so, then by providing a link on the thank you page to the blog site, you encourage visitors to engage more with your brand by visiting the blog. In the example below, the client posts DIY project ideas and displays the creative uses of their products from their customers.

thank you page optimization

Social Media Networks

If you are active on social media networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., this a great way to increase your follower base and offer another way for users to remember your brand. They have just found information on your site compelling enough to either purchase a product or reach out for more information; they may be more willing to share a recent post with friends.

Google Review

Offering a direct link to your Google+ Local Business page can be a good reminder for returning customers to leave a quick review that can be viewed in the SERP’s. Taking it one step further and adding the query parameter ?review=1 to the end of the url for your Google+ Local Business page will automatically load the review box once the page loads.
For more information on how reviews can benefit your site visit our post: Understanding Online Reviews for B2B Companies

thank you page optimization
optimizing your thank you page


Do you post testimonials on your site? By placing a link to them on the thank you page you offer a great way to increase or gain the trust of a new consumer as they await a response from your company. If this is a previous or frequent customer, you can ask for a testimonial from them on this page.

Project Submissions

Providing products or services that can be used for decorations, refurbishments, or custom creative projects allows for a unique opportunity. If your company shares customer projects via social media outlets, product reviews, or even seasonal contests, you are creating an elite community of customers who are dedicated to your brand and will create buzz to promote their own work.

Other Business Information

You can also show the customer your continued interest in doing business with them by posting business hours, alternative contact numbers, upcoming specials or company events on this page.

In Conclusion

Your website’s thank you page can offer your most committed or intrigued customers another way tointeract with your site by sending them to another helpful page or to other channels. These actions promote targeted interactions with qualified users that will benefit your site and increase customer loyalty. Interested in thank you page optimization? Contact our team for more information.