Web Development

Why Your Sitemap is Important to Your Overall Digital Marketing Strategy 

Do architects build without blueprints? The same goes for web developers when building websites—they need a plan to ensure your customers can easily navigate your website to find the information they need. Did you know these sitemaps are also important to SEO? Learn more about these unsung digital marketing heroes in our latest blog.

By Stefanie Thompson

May 02, 2024

Web Development

When is it Time for Your Business to Get a New Website?

Your website works overtime, so it might need time to refresh. The question is, when do you know it's time for a new website? To answer this, ask yourself how your technology, search, and website lead performance are. In this blog, we’ll cover these three key indicators that your business is a candidate for a new website. We will also explore why these changes are crucial to staying competitive online.

By Stefanie Thompson

Mar 10, 2023

Design/Conversion Optimization

B2B Website Design Needs

The first impression your website gives comes directly from its design.

By TopSpot Team

Aug 16, 2022