Digital Marketing

Your Digital Marketing is Bringing in Leads, but What’s Next?

Once a potential buyer converts, the celebration is short-lived when you consider that individual is only 57% through their journey. What about the other 43%? Your marketing and sales teams have ground to cover before you reach your ultimate goal—getting leads cross the finish line to become buyers. Experts advise a multi-channel approach and say it takes five to ten touchpoints to convert a lead into a customer. In this blog, we look at a few of these touchpoints and post-conversion strategies that will help nurture those leads to purchase and even retention.

By Stefanie Thompson

May 31, 2023

B2B & Industrial Strategies

How to Use Marketing for B2B Recruitment and Employee Retention  

Just like your products and services, you need to get the word out about your company to potential candidates. Recruitment marketing is key to creating a pipeline of qualified candidates and keeping current team members engaged and up to date on what your company can offer. In this blog, we'll look at the steps needed to create a marketing program that can boost your recruitment and retention efforts.

By Stefanie Thompson

May 11, 2023