Digital Marketing

Navigating Digital Marketing in 2024 Part 3: Platform and Algorithm Updates 

2023 was a big year for algorithm updates and new platforms like GA4. How will these changes impact 2024, and what platforms are getting updated? In Part 3 of our latest blog series, Navigating Digital Marketing in 2024, we look at Platform and Algorithm Updates as digital marketers prepare for the new year.

By Stefanie Thompson

Dec 12, 2023

Digital Marketing

Navigating Digital Marketing in 2024 Part 1: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Observations and Predictions 

In this series, Navigating Digital Marketing in 2024, we provide news and information to help your team plan ahead for variables that may affect your strategy. With changes still in progress, TopSpot looks to arm marketers and businesses with education to help with flexibility in digital marketing planning. In the first blog of the series, we focus on artificial intelligence (AI) news and observations, an area rapidly changing.   

By Stefanie Thompson

Nov 21, 2023

Industrial Insights

Industrial Marketing for the Electric Vehicle Industry:

In this edition of Industrial Insights, we spoke with Matt Eul, Director of Marketing at JBPCO, EAVX, to discuss his experience with the automotive industry's rapid innovation and its alignment with advancements in marketing to provide ideas to manufacturers looking to enter the electric vehicle conversation.

By Stefanie Thompson

Nov 09, 2023

B2B & Industrial Strategies

Digital Marketing for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) 

How do small-to-medium-size OEMs market their unique products to other companies? This blog looks at how to market your OEM component products to customers who have the end result in mind.

By Stefanie Thompson

Nov 02, 2023


The Importance of Call Tracking to Any Digital Marketing Program 

In this blog, learn how evaluating your phone call recordings provides valuable customer data that can link lead quality to your marketing programs, inform future marketing adjustments, improve close rates, and refine customer service.

By Stefanie Thompson

Oct 26, 2023