How to Tell if Your Website Has Been Affected By An Algorithm Update

Google makes hundreds of changes to the search landscape and the results you see every year. With so many updates, it is difficult to track how each one may or may not affect your online presence. After an algorithm update, how can you tell if your website made it through unharmed? Given the recent move to Google Analytics 4, we've updated this checklist to help your business determine the impact to your organic traffic after a search algorithm update.

By Beth Shockley

Jul 19, 2023


Why Google Analytics 4 is Important to Your Business and Marketing Strategy 

This blog will explain how GA4 can deliver the metrics every business needs to support successful marketing strategies. We’ll break this down by looking at three key areas within the tool: landing page tracking, user engagement tracking, and lead tracking.  

By Stefanie Thompson

May 24, 2023


Five Important Changes and a Few Refreshers on GA4

For marketers, time is running out for Universal Analytics (UA) as it sunsets on July 1st. TopSpot has been monitoring news on Google Analytics 4 (GA4) since its announcement and is ramping up for the big change. How about you? Courtney Clark, Analytics Department Manager, breaks down the five most important changes to GA4 since our last update and what you need to know for your business

By Stefanie Thompson

Apr 14, 2023