Internet Marketing

How to Win Google’s Heart

You know that feeling youget when you see your crush with someone else? It’s something we digital enthusiasts know all too well. Seeing Google rank your competition first is rather disheartening, but here at TopSpot Internet Marketing we’ve been playing matchmaker for over 10 years! This Valentine’s Day we’re sharing the secrets to challenge her unrequited love.

By Aryan Moharir

Feb 14, 2014

Team Geek Adopts a Family

At TopSpot InternetMarketing, we are very passionate about not only our work and our clients, but about giving back to the community as much as we possibly can. For that reason, TopSpot decided to create a team dedicated solely to finding new volunteer opportunities in the Houston area and getting the whole company involved. The TopSpot Community Service committee is a group of 8 members that meet on a monthly basis to share new opportunities and plan for upcoming events.

By Katherine Tobler

Feb 05, 2014