February 05 2014

At TopSpot Internet Marketing, we are very passionate about not only our work and our clients, but about giving back to the community as much as we possibly can. For that reason, TopSpot decided to create a team dedicated solely to finding new volunteer opportunities in the Houston area and getting the whole company involved. The TopSpot Community Service committee is a group of 8 members that meet on a monthly basis to share new opportunities and plan for upcoming events.

Houstons Adopt A Family

In December, TopSpot’s Community Service committee decided to spread some holiday cheer and bring a Houston family a very merry Christmas. We began by teaming up with Houston Children’s Charity’s Adopt-A-Family program. The families the Houston Children’s Charity serve are struggling to afford the most basic of necessities. The Adopt-A-Family program connected TopSpot to a family profile, and we were so excited to deliver gifts to a wonderful couple and their five children.

After speaking with the family for the first time, they shared that their greatest need was for winter clothes. With that as our focus, we created wish lists together of clothes and extra gifts for the whole family. The two youngest kids, TopSpot Adopts A Familygot a ton of arts and crafts supplies, the oldest sister received makeup and fashionable clothes, and the two older brothers now have some Houston Rockets gear and movie gift certificates. TopSpot was even able to provide two bikes for the kids to share.

This Christmas wasn’t just for the kids though! Mom and Dad got a new blanket for their bed, a casserole dish, a $300 HEB grocery card, and a $200 Target card for any other family needs. Needless to say, the Christmas tree at the office overflowed with gifts!

When the time came for us to deliver the gifts to the family, we loaded up two vehicles and headed to their home to play Santa. We were greeted with a warm welcome from Mom as she ushered us into her home and introduced us to all of the kids. The kids watched as the presents piled up beneath the tree and spilled out into the living room. Their little faces were shocked as they saw presents with their names on them under the tree!

As we finished the delivery and the time came for us to leave, the family shared some kind words with us. They were so thankful for the Christmas that TopSpot was able to provide, but really we were the ones who had the best experience. Meeting such a beautiful family and being able to share the holidays with them was the best Christmas gift a TopSpotter could ask for.