June 26 2024


TopSpot Merges with OuterBox

Our Exciting Announcement 

Growth is an important and natural part of life but a big challenge for small-to-midsize businesses. While success can bring organic growth, it takes strategic decision-making and partnerships to accelerate expansion. From the start, TopSpot has worked with companies to achieve strategic growth through digital marketing. We are now ready to accelerate our own progress and expand our capabilities and resources to better foster the growth of our Team and Customers.   

That’s why TopSpot has merged with OuterBox, creating one of the largest independent marketing agencies in the country. Together, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that includes SEO, PPC, user experience, conversion optimization, email marketing, analytics, and web development. Both companies are 20-year veterans of the online marketing space and share similar values in terms of customer service and internal culture.  

Both Teams are excited about this new chapter and the opportunities it provides—ready to achieve more for their Clients, gain more resources and training for their careers, and work with more like-minded marketing professionals. TopSpot Customers can expect the same level of enthusiasm and service with increased benefits to their online marketing strategies.  

Learn more about this announcement in OuterBox’s recent press release.

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