February 22 2017

We are often asked what our team’s largest motivators are that push them to do well for our clients, so, we gathered up a few of our team members and asked them.

Here are their answers:

TopSpot - August Kohutek
August Kohutek, SEO Specialist

Part of our role at TopSpot is keeping the promise to our clients. Clients engage with us on the assurance and confidence we are the experts and are going to grow their search visibility and generate more leads. Knowing that a client has high expectations, motivates me to ensure I’m exceeding those expectation in my research, strategies and execution of strategies.”

TopSpot - Tim Stienke
Tim Steinke, Conversion Improvement Specialist

One thing that really motivates me to do well for our clients is being able to customize their website experience for the industry they work in or for the clientele they expect to visit their site.  Seeing the end result of our work in terms of lead generation and business growth for our client is really exciting and definitely helps to reaffirm our efforts.”

TopSpot Kylie Niichel
Kylie Niichel, Project Manager

I think from a web perspective, it’s a great feeling to launch a new website. At the beginning of the project, you see their current site, and how much better it could be. Or how the small the site is. It’s three pages, but they do millions of dollars of revenue every year. So, it’s rewarding for myself and the rest of the department to see what you start with, and make it not only look better, but make it a better representation of that business and then really passing it off to the team and hearing about what they do with the site post-launch. It’s rewarding to just kind of see the before and after there.”


TopSpot Sara Brown
Sara Brown, SEO Specialist

I agree with Kylie. Seeing the before and after, knowing where you started and how far you’ve come for different accounts is really important. I mean, the fact that some of my accounts have been with us for years and started with 1,000 visitors a month, and now we bring them 30,000 visitors a month. I realize, it’s not every site that does this, and it depends on the business/industry that the company is in, but knowing that they’ve worked with us for so long and trusted us over time to continue growing their site definitely motivates me. I know we say a lot of times, when talking to new or potential clients we say “We want to align ourselves with your business goals.” but showing them that we will, is what I love. For example, if someone says that they want to focus on a specific product or service, and then, six months down the line, their leads have increased in that part of their business, then we have aligned ourselves. They do trust us. We’re becoming their trusted digital media partner. So, I think that is motivating.”


TopSpot - Paid Search Team Manager

Stephanie Potter, Paid Search Team Manager

What motivates me is hearing success stories from my clients based on the work we’ve done together on their PPC program. I love when we get to hear about the huge impact we made on their company, hearing that they got to hire someone new, or five people. Or when we’re reviewing a monthly analysis with someone and we start looking at their website leads and find that one call or a form submission, and get to hear that that lead we got them could resulted in a huge sales opportunity for their business, or opened up a door to an industry that they had never considered. It’s the small things that we do in our day-to-day that affect the business is what motivates me.”