Archives – Year: 2017

31 Mar

What Sets Us Apart?

When choosingan agency to partner with, it can sometimes be difficult to know what the real differentiators are between many similar looking agencies. To help answer this question, we gathered up a few of our team members and asked them to share their thoughts on the matter. Here are a few of their answers.

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21 Mar


TopSpot Team Member Spotlight: An Lieu

At TopSpot, our commitment to our clients starts with our team. We always strive to hire extraordinary people who will bring the passion, confidence, eagerness to learn and positive attitude that is necessary to set us apart from other companies. That being said, we are pretty fond of our team members and rely on their knowledge, growth & passion to help us be an extension of your company. We will be highlighting different TopSpotters each month so you can see why we believe we have the best team out there.

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28 Feb

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Customer Service as a Differentiator for Digital Marketing

In the same way that you want your website to be useful, fast and informative, your customer service representatives should provide that kind of experience. Are they accurately answering all of the customer’s questions? If they don’t have the answer to a question, do they offer to find the answer and quickly follow up (and actually follow up)? Are they finding alternative options for the customer if you can’t meet their initial request?

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24 Jan

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SEO Trends to Look for in 2017

Digital marketing is ever-changing, and it's what makes SEO so challenging and rewarding. While there are key changes each year, some of the familiar ones are being emphasized now more than ever: mobile responsiveness, voice search and user experience. Both B2B and B2C digital marketers need to respond quickly to these trends if they haven’t already.

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