Company Culture

TopSpot Team Member Spotlight: Jessica Arias March

We have so many wonderful people working at TopSpot and everyone is eager to teach and help everyone grow. We want everyone to succeed so take advantage of all of the great minds and resources available.

By Beth Shockley

Dec 27, 2018

Paid Search

What you need to know about Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads are shown at the top of Google Search results, above the map listings and any regular PPC ad formats. Meaning, they take up prime real estate within the search results.

By Beth Shockley

Dec 20, 2018

Web Development

7 Website Essentials to Compete in 2019’s Search Landscape

While the search landscape can be drastically different depending on the search query, device, location, and industry, we’ve narrowed down 7 consistent essentials your website design & development strategies must include to be competitive online in 2019.

By Julia Karnezis

Dec 18, 2018