March 31 2017

When choosing an agency to partner with, it can sometimes be difficult to know what the real differentiators are between many similar looking agencies. What really sets TopSpot apart? What are some areas where we feel that we excel? To help answer these questions, we asked a few of our team members.

Here are their thoughts:

TopSpot - August Kohutek
August Kohutek, SEO Specialist

I think that our transparency sets us apart, but tied in with our internal training. We have very good mentors here who are always transparent with how we’re doing in terms of our skill level and who are also very knowledgeable about the industry. This really only helps us and challenges us to grow and be even better.”

Tim Steinke, Conversion Improvement Specialist

I think that as a company, we’re very flexible. Our team structure gives us the the autonomy to work on a set of tasks, meet with our team, review the task and then move on to the next project. It also gives us the flexibility to jump onto a project quickly if need be. If there’s a new product a client wants to promote and they want to add a new banner to their homepage, we can get that knocked out in no time, no problem whatsoever. Bottom line, if it comes down to it, and a client was in a pinch, we are able to accommodate them because of the way our teams are set up and I think that is really powerful.”

TopSpot - Kylie Niichel
Kylie Niichel, Project Manager

I think we do a very good job at teaching. A big part of my day-to-day is educating my clients. Like, “Here is why it’s important to have content that is unique to your business”, or “I understand that you’re removing a few of your product lines, so let’s work together to find a way to keep relevant information for users looking for those retired products and then point them towards the newer models.” It’s important that the end result of their web project is something we can send it over to the customer relationship teams, that is a website that can be optimized and can grow as their business grows.”


TopSpot - Sara Brown
Sara Brown, SEO Specialist

I would say evolve. We’re constantly changing in order to keep up with the way the search engine landscape is changing. But also, while we have maintained our industrial knowledge and clientele, I also have a deli client. I have a doctor client (and I do have to be careful not to work on my deli client’s website too much before lunch because otherwise, I just get hungry!). But I feel like even just since I’ve been here, the way I was trained is different than the way I’m practicing SEO now. We’re doing things day-to-day. So, we’ve constantly just, you know, kept our edge because of how we’ve evolved.”


TopSpot - Paid Search Team Manager

Stephanie Potter, Paid Search Team Manager

I would say that TopSpot is really good at being transparent. Both, within our programs and within our culture, we try to be honest and transparent. But I feel at the root of every decision that management makes, it comes from honesty. Most importantly, we all carry this over into our relationship with our clients. Every decision we make or every suggestion we give comes from an honest point of view. For example, if we do not think our client truly needs to double their paid search budget, then we wouldn’t recommend they do that. However, if we suggest a website re-design because we have data to show that people are having trouble navigating through the site, we will be transparent as we can be with our recommendations, only for the future success of our clients.”