September 08 2017


Helping Houston Rebuild

It is difficult to put into words what has taken place throughout our city over the last week… heartbreak, humility, grief & sadness to name a few. But also hope, honor, surprise and gratitude to live in a city where everyone has pulled together.  In times like this, we have been able to see the true character in people and what people are willing and able to do.

Hurricane Harvey has brought devastation to our city, and some of our neighbors will be feeling the effects for months to come. Thank you to those who have already volunteered and donated supplies and money to the relief efforts happening across the city.

Taking Care of Houston Families

TopSpot Internet Marketing is working with the YPE Houston Chapter, a 501c(3) organization, to sponsor multiple Houston families that have lost everything due to Hurricane Harvey.  

TopSpot Internet MarketingYPE Houston

The recovery process for these families will be a lengthy one. Our goal is to provide financial and moral support throughout the entire process. Many of you have asked how you can help and we’d love your support in helping these families get back on their feet.

100% of the funds raised will be given to the families or used to purchase supplies needed to help restore their homes that were lost in the flood.

Meet Our Families

Family #1) Omar & Lacey Torres and their daughters, Peyton (5) and Dylan (2). Omar & Lacey both teach in Katy, Texas and have coached for 8 and 7 years respectively. Lacey is an 8th Grade Science teacher and volleyball coach at McMeans Junior High. Omar is a former US Army Ranger with the 75th Ranger Regiment & has served multiple combat deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan & other locations around the world. He is currently the Assistant Athletic Coordinator, Head Football Coach, 7A Girls Basketball Coach and a Boys Track and Field Coach at Seven Lakes Junior High.

Family #2) Kara Peddicord is a retired school teacher and the mother of three daughters, Blaine, Kirby and TopSpot Team Member, Jordan Peddicord.  Kara lost the home that she has lived in with her family for the last 29 years when the rising flood waters in her neighborhood forced her to evacuate. With over 4 feet of water in their family home, Kara Peddicord had no choice but to begin the rebuilding process.

Family #3) Christopher Sotelo suffered a spinal cord injury when he was 21 years old and became a C6 quadriplegic due to the injuries he sustained. Christopher had recently moved out on his own for the first time since his accident when his apartment and everything inside was ruined by the flood. After finally regaining his independence, only to lose it so quickly, we would like to help him get back out on his own again.

To help us purchase items for each family, you can donate to the YouCaring fund we have created. These families will provide us with a list of their specific needs and thanks to your donations, we will be able to help them start rebuilding their homes and their lives.


We will be updating this page with more information on our families as it becomes available!