March 04 2022


2022 TopSpot Appreciation Day

This past year has brought us a lot of wins -including the recent news that we have been named a Best and Brightest Place to Work in Houston! And we couldn’t be a best place to work without our TopSpotters. Today, we honor them for being the incredible people they are.

In what has become one of our favorite weekly traditions, the whole company joins in on sending shoutouts to other Team members each Friday (though sometimes we just can’t wait for Friday before celebrating each other’s wins).

Those shoutouts come from every department and are often filled to the brim with tons of kudos and thank yous to various people across TopSpot. When we look at the past year, there are some definite themes that shine through.

Being a Resource for Others

Clay, thank you for all the work that you and the rest of the Reporting Team have done over the past few weeks to help get reports out quicker. Our Team felt the impact and we were able to get reports out at a record pace. In addition, thank you for being such a great resource to Seung-Woo and stepping into that coaching and mentorship position. Thankful for you. – Mauricio, Team Lead

Shout out to Stephanie for coaching and helping me with a project I was working on for a client.  I reached out to her with questions because I’m learning my way through something new and she gave me great advice and links to new tools I could use.  She enabled me to make implementation even better than I expected.  She was tremendously helpful and she made me better than I was yesterday by having the patience to teach me, not just do it for me (which she offered, but I didn’t want).  Thank you Stephanie; you are a real gem! – Amanda, Team Lead

Mauricio, when you joined E3 the first thing you told me is that you were looking forward to being a resource for me.  You have already become that, and I am so thankful for you.  Thank you for not just hearing me talk, but really listening. – Rachel, SEO


I wanted to recognize a seamless transition of a long-time client. The client had been under the care and guidance of Sarah Battala’s team for several years. Great relationship with excellent results. We recently transitioned them over to Paige’s team. The client gave us many kudos this week to both her former team and the new team. Job well done by all… I played Ultimate Frisbee for years until I retired. I was mediocre at best but what I really enjoyed was the comradery and teamwork. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of coming together to win and achieve a goal as a group. Keep doing what you are doing! – John, Sales

This week I was reminded how rewarding it is to collaborate with and learn from each other. Each interaction is a chance to learn something new and walk away better than yesterday. During my 6 years at TopSpot, I’ve learned that working with others (especially ones you don’t typically get the chance to work with) has always brought a new energy to my day, new perspective to what I’m working on, and a sense of pride for the company I work for. TopSpot is made up of AWESOME humans and that is my favorite part about being here. – Jessica, People Team

Client-First Mentality

Marc went the extra mile this week, calling one of our clients who was suspiciously quiet. He wasn’t sitting on the silence and ended up having a productive, enlightening call that’s helping steer the whole team in a better direction for what this client needs. – Paige, Team Lead

We have a long-time client who is starting a new website project and is STRUGGLING to work through the design. They are being challenging for sure, but Jonathan worked through their concerns LIKE A BOSS!  Helping to find the happy middle ground making changes on the fly. – Kathy, Sales 

Pitching In to Help

Paige, thank you so much for everything you do!  I greatly appreciate the time that you’ve taken out of your day to help me with anything and everything PPC-related during this time of transition. You consistently put people first by being helpful. Don’t know what I would do without you! – Lauren, Team Lead 

Also want to shoutout our fearless web department for always stepping in when we need it! Clay and I ran into an issue with a site on Thursday, Manny, Stephen and Shonna all stepped in to provide help and find a solution without blinking an eye. Thank you for your knowledge, expertise, curiosity and team mentality! – Jordan, Director

Starting Off on the Right Foot

Big shout out to Michelle, who just presented in her first client meeting!! She reviewed an awesome strategy she created during training and asked some great questions regarding leads for the client in Q2. The client was excited about what she presented and onboard with her recommendation! – Hayley, Team Lead

Alex, nice job with training on two different MODX setups this week. Seeing you grasp form tracking so quickly and doing it by yourself in such a short amount of time left me speechless. Excited to see what else you can do! And thanks for letting me ramble about Google Optimize for an hour. – Anthony, Analytics

TopSpot Pride

To the whole TopSpot Community Service Team for helping make the world be a better place, one action at a time! This week has been so inspiring seeing what each of our team members are offering to contribute to the raffle! We have such a CREATIVE team! – Jordan, Director

Good morning EVERYONE! This morning I want to do a shoutout for EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of you I hope YOU ALL know how much your hard work for our clients is truly appreciated. – Kathy, Sales 

Energy and Passion

Amanda, you’re a rock star team lead. You give me feedback that is thoughtful and actionable. Your incredible support in me and in the team overall shows every single day. You Lead with Passion every day and you’re always ready to be helpful and always do the right thing. – Malaak, Technical SEO

Kelly, it’s been energizing to witness your eagerness and determination to get your first set-up right. Thank you for doing this while also taking care of existing accounts and 3 new accounts. – Mary, People Team


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