July 19 2022


Are You LinkedIn or Out?

Three Things to Know About the Professional Social Network

Social media may sometimes be an afterthought for those businesses solely focused on manufacturing or the industrial sector. However, not fully utilizing social media could lead to major missed opportunities. It may not make sense for some B2B companies to post content on TikTok, but LinkedIn has proven itself over and over again as a beneficial sales tool.

With over 630 million professionals using the platform, 63 million of which are decision-makers for their organizations, LinkedIn provides the opportunity to get your business directly in the eyes of potential customers. With the right business information, content for page posts, and advertising parameters, your business could see growth in lead generation, recruiting, and more by utilizing LinkedIn.

1. Perfecting Your Profile

Company pages on LinkedIn have multiple areas to showcase who your company is and what it does, from the header photo to the tagline to the complete overview.

You can maximize the chances of viewers clicking to “see more” information, or better yet, visiting your website, by identifying your company’s target audience, telling the company’s value proposition, and stating clearly what service your company provides within the tagline and about description areas.

And of course, LinkedIn is also a great place to let people know you are hiring! Through profile/logo banners, the judicious use of InMail, and the entire Jobs section of the platform, the options are vast.

Examples to include in LinkedIn descriptions:

Target Audienceassisting homebuilders, supplying manufacturers, servicing retail stores
Value Propfast local delivery, free shipping, 24/7 assistance
Services Providesconstruction equipment provider, lumber supplier, oil & gas wholesaler

Include these details in your company’s tagline or the first two sentences of its overview description to ensure they’re seen. Doing so shows potential customers matching your criteria that your business may be worth learning more about.

2. Repurposing Content for Posts

A benefit of having a company LinkedIn page is the ability to spread awareness of your brand and portray the company as a thought leader. Content to take on that stance doesn’t have to be brand new. Case studies and other pieces of content already living on your website can easily be repurposed into campaigns that drive users to the site to read more. For example, take a blog giving three tips on selecting the right type of piping for a new build. Each tip can be written up as a separate LinkedIn post ending with “For more tips on choosing the right piping for your project, read more in our recent blog post: LINK.”

Additional content able to be repurposed as LinkedIn posts includes company videos, product descriptions, testimonials, infographics, and full PDFs.

PRO TIP: To maximize the space allowed before the “see more” link, use shortened URLs such as Bit.ly links.

To generate new content or just increase customer interaction, consider LinkedIn’s recently added option of running a poll. Interesting posts don’t have to be the same old thing – LinkedIn offers several types of posts that can be utilized for nearly any purpose.

3. Targeted Advertising on LinkedIn

Being a social network for professionals, LinkedIn places ads in front of the right people for your business. Whether in the form of sponsored content, text ads, or sponsored InMail, you have the ability to target specific job titles, employers, and even individual leads you want to continue making touches on. This heavily targeted approach provides more bang for your buck than casting a wide net with broad parameters.

Types of LinkedIn Ads:

Sponsored Content Boost your content to the world’s largest professional audience on desktop, smartphone, and tablet.
Text AdsDrive high-quality leads within the budget you choose using LinkedIn’s self-service advertising platform.
Sponsored InMailReach your target audience with valuable content through LinkedIn messaging.
Source: LinkedIn

What does this mean for you?

If your business is not on LinkedIn, you could be missing out on major opportunities. Whether your goal is to further your brand awareness or garner more leads, LinkedIn is an avenue that should not be overlooked in the B2B marketplace.

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