July 29 2022


TopSpot Donations for July

It was quite a race to the finish for the 2022 Summer Juice Box Challenge. In the end, we donated over 2000 boxes of 100% juice to Kids Meals Inc.

Two of our volunteers delivered the juice boxes to Kids Meals Inc. Thank you Jahnessa and Natalie!

To collect as many juice boxes as possible, the company was divided into teams that competed to get the most juice boxes possible. Team Blueberry won, with Team Apple and Team Blackberry not too far behind!

We look forward to participating in this challenge again next year!

We also participated in Undies for Everyone! Undies for Everyone provides children living in poverty or crisis with new underwear, recognizing the importance of this small basic need as part of a child’s increased chances of long-term success!

Thank you to the volunteers and the new hires who helped with this project!