September 15 2022


Celebrating 19 Years of TopSpot

In 2003, the world wide web as we know it was just nine years old and only about 10% of the world was getting online. TopSpot was founded that year by five Team Members, all of whom are still with us today. They began with the goal of helping Clients: we help our Clients to be more visible on the internet through cohesive digital marketing strategies. Though those strategies have evolved over time, our mission to help SMBs grow has never wavered.

Anniversaries are a chance to reflect on where we came from and how we want to move forward. As we talked with our Team members, it became clear that TopSpot is not just a great place to work but a company that inspires, protects, supports, and is passionate about helping others.

Serving our Clients

Our first Client is still with us 19 years later and that kind of trust and collaboration is what allows us to provide the best customer service and digital strategies for other SMBs in various industries. Over the past 19 years, we have proven our expertise in digital marketing by helping hundreds of Clients grow their online presence. Our passion for what our Clients do, in addition to our depth of knowledge in the industrial space, is a big part of what sets TopSpot apart.

When asked about one of her fondest memories, Team Lead Paige told us, “It is so hard to pick only one ‘fondest’ memory, because there have been so many amazing moments! Most recently, it would be having the chance to travel to visit one of our Clients. Being able to spend time with them and meet them in person after working with them for so long was such an incredible experience. It was also mind-blowing to see their facility in action – everything being manufactured and assembled in person, it’s impossible to grasp the magnitude until you see it!”

Intralox client visit
Client visit to their manufacturing facility.

Thankful for Our Team

We strive to be a great place to work and our Teammates are part of what makes that possible. Their passion for their Clients, the knowledge they demonstrate every day, the drive they have to be a high-performing team, and the respect they have for one another all contribute to a fulfilling work experience. Our nearly 150 Team members are chosen for their outstanding qualities because we understand that we would not be where we are without them.

Celebrating our award-winning work for our Clients at the 2022 Crystal Awards.

As we look to the next 19 years, we will continue to instill our passion for service and digital marketing in our incredible Team. We will continue to lead with passion and always strive to be better than yesterday. We will grow and evolve as the search landscape evolves. And we will continue to meet each challenge with heart and excitement for what’s to come.