Digital Marketing

Navigating Digital Marketing in 2024 Part 3: Platform and Algorithm Updates 

2023 was a big year for algorithm updates and new platforms like GA4. How will these changes impact 2024, and what platforms are getting updated? In Part 3 of our latest blog series, Navigating Digital Marketing in 2024, we look at Platform and Algorithm Updates as digital marketers prepare for the new year.

By Stefanie Thompson

Dec 12, 2023


TopSpot Celebrates 20 Years in Online Marketing 

In 2003, Clients had a simple question—how can I get on Google? This blog looks at how TopSpot answered this question then and now as we turn 20. We look back at how our approach to online marketing has evolved and how a continued focus on the right searches that lead to the right traffic to drive quality leads and conversions has led to our success.

By Stefanie Thompson

Sep 13, 2023


Why PPC is Important for Industrial Businesses 

Why is PPC or paid search important for industrial companies? A paid search strategy that targets industrial buyers will bring in quality traffic and leads to an industrial or manufacturer's website. In this blog, we discuss what a successful industrial PPC strategy includes and why analytics and user behavior data are key.

By Stefanie Thompson

Jun 08, 2023


Google Ads Gets Lost on Local: Learn About Two Reports That Cover Local Competition

In this blog, we define Google Ads' local competitive visits and local competitive search terms reports, discuss the pros and cons, and try to unveil the mystery surrounding them. Here's a hint: it might have something to do with their effectiveness. Plus, we share how TopSpot tackles competition, pay-per-click, and Google Ads. Here’s another hint: it has to do with user intent.

By Stefanie Thompson

Mar 03, 2023