January 03 2013


B2B Mobile-Friendly Sites for 2013

As we clink champagne flutes and mumble-sing “Auld Lang Syne,” we look forward to what 2013 brings as internet marketers. We’re devising marketing plans, auditing sites and speculating how the search marketing landscape is changing. We know of one thing that is certain: Google wants your site to be accessible. In fact Google states, “You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer” in the Ten Things We Know to Be True Google company philosophy page. This means making your site friendly for mobile users.

Although we’ve incorporated mobile search marketing into our integrated internet marketing strategies for our clients, not all of our clients have mobile-friendly sites. In fact, we don’t ourselves yet. Developing a TopSpot mobile website is one of our 1st Quarter 2013 priorities. We encourage our clients to discuss their own 2013 marketing resolutions with us and we hope mobile accessibility is part of that picture. We know how important mobile is, especially for B2B websites. Therefore, with the help of TopSpotter/Web Designer Yasmine, we created a B2B Mobile Marketing infographic. Share it with the business-to-business company employees in your life. Happy New Year from TopSpot Internet Marketing!

Mobile Marketing for B2B

Please let us know in the comments what business new year’s resolution you are making for 2013. We’ll be here to help you keep them.

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