Analytics for Manufacturers Part 3: Lead Tracking

In addition to having a better understanding of your lead quality, tracking your website’s lead data will provide you with important insights into your prospective customers’ user experience, from their initial visit all the way through to the sale.

By Katie Shroff

Oct 05, 2018


Analytics for Manufacturers Part 2: Event Tracking

What data should you be tracking with Google Analytics? Historically when going over analytics data, people only discuss the number of visits, pages viewed per visit, the average time on site and the bounce rate as a determining factor of their digital presence. Unfortunately, none of those numbers tell you anything about how your site is supporting your bottom line.

By Katie Shroff

Oct 03, 2018


Analytics for Manufacturers Part 1: Internal Site Search

What if we told you that you may have access to data that tells you exactly what your users want? What if we also told you that this data was free and made available through the tiny search box (known as your internal site search) typically found on the top right-hand side of your website?

By Katie Shroff

Oct 01, 2018

TopSpot Ranked Largest Houston Area Advertising Agency

TopSpot Internet Marketing is a search engine marketing firm with a focus on accountability, transparency, collaboration, education and delivering meaningful results for our clients. Beginning in 2003 with only 5 team members who are still with the company today, TopSpot now employs over 100 team members in their Houston office and has 20 sales representatives across the United States.

By Katie Shroff

Sep 26, 2018

Company Culture

What We Are Thankful For

In the spirit of our 15th anniversary, we asked a few of our fellow Team Members what they are grateful for with regards to TopSpot. Here are a few of their responses!

By Katie Shroff

Sep 19, 2018

TopSpot Wins 5 Awards in the 2018 dotCOMM Awards

This year, TopSpot won a total of 5 dotCOMM Awards including Platinum Awards in the Health & Wellness and Business to Consumer Website categories and Gold Awards in the Manufacturing and B2B Website Categories.

By Beth Shockley

Aug 22, 2018