June 14 2019

Our latest Team Member Spotlight highlights Anthony Espinoza, one of TopSpot’s Analytics Specialists. Anthony has been an integral part of TopSpot’s Analytics Team for over three years now and is described by Team Members as dependable, helpful and kind. If a task needs to be handled quickly, Anthony is always ready and willing to jump in and help. We’re proud to introduce you to a valuable member of the TopSpot Team and our latest Team Member Spotlight, Anthony Espinoza!

Meet Anthony Espinoza, TopSpot Analytics Specialist

How long have you been working at TopSpot, and what do you do here?

Anthony Espinoza TopSpot Team Member Spotlight

I’ve been working at TopSpot for 3 years and 7 months (but who’s counting?) as an Analytics Specialist. As a member of TopSpot’s Analytics Team, my job is to implement and configure tracking solutions such as Google Analytics, LOOP Analytics (TopSpot’s form tracking platform) and Call Tracking for our clients. Whenever anyone outside of work asks me what I do, I usually just tell them I work on websites to help track user engagement and online leads.

What is your favorite part about working at TopSpot?

Hands down my favorite part about working for TopSpot is the people.

I have the pleasure of working with some of the brightest, creative, fun and (most-importantly) hard-working people in our industry. We all have different skill sets and are happy to lean on each other in times of need – both in and out of the office.

I have the pleasure of working with some of the brightest, creative, fun and (most-importantly) hard-working people in our industry.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?

As a father of a very energetic toddler and a 5-month-old baby boy, I don’t have much time for anything outside of the office outside of them and my wife. My time outside of TopSpot mostly consists of me singing and dancing to Baby Shark (or my personal favorite Pop-See-Ko by Koo Koo Kangaroo) and playing with toys. Everything I do in life is so I can have the means to make my kids happy and give them the best childhood I can provide.

I’m also a huge Dragon Ball Z (and anime in general) fan! I recently took a trip to Dallas for a Dragon Ball Convention and even tried out some cosplay. It was nice to meet people who are passionate about the same things as I am. I also am a pretty big Houston Texans and Houston Astros fan, so if you ever want to talk sports, hit me up! Oh, I also love Sam Houston State – Eat ‘em Up Kats!

If you could pick one theme for TopSpot to turn into a book about the company, what would it be?

At first, I read this question as “If you could pick one genre for TopSpot” and my mind instantly said “YOUNG ADULT!”, because, well, there are a ton of young people who work here. As far as a theme, I feel like “Character Building” would be a good one. TopSpot takes great care in developing the Team Members we hire.

What do you value most in a job?

I believe the thing I value most about a job is having the resources to succeed both at home and in the workplace. TopSpot does an amazing job providing great benefits for my family, while also giving me the training and tools I need to be the best Analytics Specialist I can be.

Here are a few things Anthony’s Team Members have to say about him via our internal “Cheers” platform, TinyPulse:

Anthony, Thank you so much for sitting in my client meeting today on such short notice. You were also prepared and shared valuable information with the client about the different tracking connections they were asking about. I appreciate all your help!

Thank you for training me these past 2 weeks and showing me step by step instructions, repeatedly. I appreciate your patience, kindness, and sense of humor. You make me feel at home. So glad to be on your team!

Thank you, Anthony, for always being so responsive & helpful! Your willingness to jump in on a last minute eCommerce test for one of our clients was much appreciated. Cheers!

We had a client that needed special attention and Anthony went above and beyond to make sure we got them squared away with their tracking setup. Thank you so much!

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