February 24 2020

At TopSpot, we know every Team member is why we are successful. Each month, we highlight some of the fantastic people we get to work with every day. Today, we are shining the Spotlight on Courtney Clark. Her coworkers describe her as an excellent teacher who is always ready to answer a question or give a helping hand. Read on to learn more about Courtney and how technology fuels her – and not just in her job.

Meet Courtney Clark, Analytics Department Manager

How long have you been working at TopSpot and what do you do here?

I have been with TopSpot since April 2014 (almost six years!) and started out as an Analytics Specialist in our Tracking Department. I spent the first five years supporting our Team members’ marketing efforts by installing and configuring various web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Loop Analytics, and Call Tracking across our client’s websites. In the last year, I have moved into the Analytics Department Manager role where I also support our Team’s overall success.

What is something interesting about Analytics that people might not realize?

Analytics is the backbone of any marketing campaign – it provides the framework for decision making and actions taken by a company. There are a bunch of tools that can be used to track different things (heatmaps, call tracking) and help study user activity. One thing that people may not realize is how much bot and spam traffic can be present in their reports if the correct filters aren’t in place (which we set up for all of our client’s accounts).

Analytics is the backbone of any marketing campaign – it provides the framework for decision making and actions taken by a company.”

Why do you enjoy being a TopSpotter?

I have met a lot of wonderful people through TopSpot and would even call many of them friends. My team, especially, is very close to one another and have game nights at each other’s homes. Over our lunch break, we also frequently play board games, card games, or video games together.

I have also been fortunate to travel to various conferences – like the 2018 Google Analytics Partner Summit in San Francisco, CA, and the Texas Conference for Women in Austin, just to name a couple. 

What did you want to be when you grew up? 

I always felt overwhelmed by this question when I was a kid, honestly. I did not know what I wanted to do at all, but I would always tell adults that I wanted to be a lawyer because they seemed to like that answer. I never wanted to be an astronaut or ballerina or anything like that either. When I got to college, I ended up taking Psychology and Communications (Texas State – Go Bobcats!), which I really enjoyed. But my long-term passion was always technology-based and I think that’s why I love my role at TopSpot so much.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am a geek at heart and love video games, especially Nintendo games, books and movies like Harry Potter, and coding websites for fun. I spend a lot of time with my fiancé Jake and our two cats (Leona and Willow), and we frequently visit the Austin area where both of our families are from (driving in my bright “Grabber Blue” Mustang makes the trip so fun). I have also really enjoyed traveling – Jake and I went on a cruise together last year and had a blast! I’d love to go on another cruise or visit another country we haven’t been to before. I got my first passport last year, so I am ready!

Here are a few things Courtney’s Team Members have to say about her:

Courtney has been a dependable team member known to always be up for a challenge. When presented with a problem, she will take the time to thoroughly understand the problem before diving for solutions. She  understands the overall objective of analytics and applies her expertise accordingly to a variety of different situations that may present itself.

Courtney’s Manager, Lang Nguyen

I really appreciate all of your help last week with troubleshooting and working to resolve many of the issues I faced with various tracking setups. You’re always willing to assist, and it’s so invaluable to have you as an example when handling unique situations with grace & patience. Thank you for your guidance!

The biggest thank you to Courtney for always sharing her tracking expertise! I really appreciate you for taking time out of your day to help with all of my questions, and jumping in when needed.

Thank you, Courtney, for being the embodiment of what a true leader should look like. You are always kind, patient, grounded, and, excellent at giving concise information. You really impress me every day, especially on how you’re so good at your job, but you didn’t originally have a background in analytics. It is truly inspiring watching you succeed and it makes me happy to know I’m in good hands! I look forward to learning a lot more from you!

You consistently go out of your way to help and thoroughly answer any question the team or I might have. You do a great job of anticipating follow-up questions and any issues that might arise in the future, and address those immediately. It is always great to work with you!!

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