The Analytics Data You Need Now

When confused about what direction to take your business, you can always turn to analytics to help lead you in the right direction.

By Nicole Wolfe

Apr 03, 2020

Company Culture

TopSpot Team Member Spotlight: Jessica Free

"I’m most excited about this role because I can truly see the impact that is being made on each TopSpotter with their experience here at TopSpot."

By Nicole Wolfe

Mar 12, 2020

Company Culture

TopSpot Team Member Spotlight: Courtney Clark

Today, we are shining the Spotlight on Courtney Clark. Learn more about Courtney and how technology fuels her - and not just in her job.

By Nicole Wolfe

Feb 24, 2020


2020 Featured Snippet Update

The latest Google algorithm update, which was announced in late January, has led to some questions about the effect it will have on featured snippets.

By Nicole Wolfe

Feb 18, 2020