Industrial Insights

American History, Manufacturing, and the Family-Owned Business:

In this edition of Industrial Insights, we spoke with Aaron Wiegel, President & CEO of Wiegel, to discuss how his family business made it to third-generation ownership and how its technology and people played a big part.

By Stefanie Thompson

Oct 12, 2023

B2B & Industrial Strategies

Why We Celebrate Manufacturing Day 

MFG?  It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While many celebrate the PSL (pumpkin spice latte) and the various acronyms of college football, we are celebrating MFG Day on…

By Stefanie Thompson

Oct 04, 2023


The Latest News on Rich Results and What it Means for Your SEO Strategy 

Recently, Google began reducing or eliminating certain types of rich results from the search landscape. In our latest blog, we provide a refresher on rich results, explain what kinds were affected by this latest change, and what it means for your results.

By Stefanie Thompson

Sep 21, 2023


TopSpot Celebrates 20 Years in Online Marketing 

In 2003, Clients had a simple question—how can I get on Google? This blog looks at how TopSpot answered this question then and now as we turn 20. We look back at how our approach to online marketing has evolved and how a continued focus on the right searches that lead to the right traffic to drive quality leads and conversions has led to our success.

By Stefanie Thompson

Sep 13, 2023

Industrial Insights

Creativity and the Art of Messaging in B2B: 

We sat down with Henry Adaso, marketer and author, to tap into the breadth of his experience as a writer and marketing leader to see how B2B and industrial companies can apply creativity and the art of messaging to their marketing strategies.  

By Stefanie Thompson

Aug 31, 2023