Bing’s AI-Chat Capabilities and Google’s Latest Core Updates: What You Need to Know About These Latest Changes

Major announcements were recently made on the search engine front—Microsoft confirmed it is running GPT-4 in Bing, while Google announced its March 2023 Broad Core Update. What does this mean for businesses that rely on steady search results for revenue and awareness? Read our latest blog, which looks at each update and how it affects your business.

By Stefanie Thompson

Mar 21, 2023


Google Ads Gets Lost on Local: Learn About Two Reports That Cover Local Competition

In this blog, we define Google Ads' local competitive visits and local competitive search terms reports, discuss the pros and cons, and try to unveil the mystery surrounding them. Here's a hint: it might have something to do with their effectiveness. Plus, we share how TopSpot tackles competition, pay-per-click, and Google Ads. Here’s another hint: it has to do with user intent.

By Stefanie Thompson

Mar 03, 2023


Digital Marketing Trends and Tool Changes 2023: Part 3

“The” tool change of 2023 is the launch of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), happening July 1. We address what to expect from the platform and several tools that can fill the data gaps GA4 presents. We’ll also talk about privacy and data changes that are constantly evolving and how to prepare so you don’t risk fines or loss of customer trust.

By Stefanie Thompson

Jan 11, 2023