August 29 2012

TopSpot has busted at the seams! No, I don’t mean we’ve had one too many Tiff’s Treats (we totally have), but with our growth, we were running out of desk space for our newest employees.

Today, we expand into two office spaces. The new space, which we’ve dubbed “The North Campus,” is just down the hall from the current office space at Suite 10025 in Houston’s Decorative Center. Many TopSpotters are changing cubicles, some are getting their own offices and certain others are transitioning into new roles.

Julia, CRT1 SEO Specialist, left this note for Alicia, a PPC Account Manager who is moving into Julia’s former cubicle, about what to expect in her new surroundings.

Julia's Moving Day Note

It reads:

Dear Alicia,

It is with great honor that I pass on this recently Lysoled hub of the office to you. For the better portion of my time at TopSpot, I have held down these 3 walls (and a half) and have a few tips.

(1) Have fun, but work hard. The bosses can see you.
(2) Joe shows positive emotions by bullying. Don’t take it personal. Feel free to call him “sassy.”
(3) Nicole laughs a lot. It will make you laugh too.
(4) Lauren is hilarious, but she can be quiet. Make her show her wit.
(5) Check on Kelly every once in a while, because sometimes she’ll talk in her Kentucky accent.
(6) People who walk by will always want to chat. Get headphones.

With this cube office, you have an important responsibility. A responsibility to be awesome as you are surrounded by awesome people. Should you look for it, you will find that here creativity and inspiration lurk, and the work you produce becomes better every day. Take good care of the cube.
– Julia
P.S. I took my chair.

Happy Moving Day, TopSpot! And a special “hidely-ho, neighborino” to new kid on the block Alicia. You finally have your own cube!