April 26 2017


Integrated Approach Success Story: Wastewater Industry

Founded in 1970, ALAR Engineering Corporation manufactures industrial wastewater treatment equipment for worldwide distribution. They began doing Pay Per Click Advertising with TopSpot in 2006 and signed on for Search Engine Optimization in 2014, where they began working with one of our Customer Relationship Teams.

TopSpot differentiates itself with an integrated structure which gives clients a team of specialists that function as an extension of their business. These teams are called Customer Relationship Teams (or CRTs for short) and consist of a Team Lead, 2 SEO Specialists, a Conversion Improvement Specialist and a PPC Account Manager.

With collaboration from ALAR, their team developed a strategy focused on driving more leads through their wastewater equipment pages utilizing SEO, SEM and Conversion Improvement services. As their main revenue generator, these landing pages were incredibly thorough with informative content and technical information but needed work capturing more of a transactional approach to encourage quotes and new business.

Integrated Approach

After reviewing the wastewater equipment pages, the SEO and Conversion Improvement specialists collaborating on the account decided that clearer calls to action were needed to encourage quotes. At the time, the main call to action on the page was to download a PDF that contained information about the equipment. This was moved below the equipment description and replaced with a call to action to watch the product demonstration or request a quote. The video itself was also removed from the content and made to lightbox when a user clicked on the Watch Demonstration button.

Micro-Klean™ Plate & Frame Filter Press Landing Page Before & After Conversion Improvement Changes Were Made

Micro-Klean Landing Page Before ChangesMicro-Klean Landing Pages After Changes
When a user chose to watch the video demonstration, they saw the third call to action that displayed below the video upon lightboxing.  The thought was that if a user was interested in learning more through a video demonstration, they may be more likely to convert.  Now, a user could easily submit a quote request upon viewing the product demonstration video.

Video lightbox with CTA

Keyword strategies for both SEO & SEM programs were refreshed to focus on higher revenue equipment and applications. The SEO content strategy was adjusted to focus on equipment related terms that attracted more users searching for equipment manufactured by ALAR rather than those looking to educate themselves on the processes completed by ALAR’s equipment.

The example below shows the type of results given when a process focused search is completed versus an equipment related search. Prior to the on-page updates, ALAR was not ranking as competitively in the equipment related search results.

Slurry Recycling versus Slurry Recycling Equipment

Google Results for Slurry Recycling Google Results for Slurry Recycling Equipment

By further focusing the keyword strategy, the team was able to be more competitive for a focused subset of phrases.

The Pay Per Click program was also restructured to focus on equipment and the heavy metals industry (which typically requires larger equipment than other industries) and less of a focus on other industries and applications. Since Paid Search allows for the targeting of a larger number of keywords, variations were included that targeted users searching for equipment, systems and filters for wastewater treatment.


When comparing year over year data, the website’s form submissions increased by 30.69% after the new calls to action were added by the Conversion Improvement team, with the Request A Quote Form (the button added to the landing pages) seeing an 84.97% increase in submissions.

Request A Quote form submissions

Goal Completions Comparison

The keyword refreshes for both SEM and SEO programs saw some exciting results as well. Organic traffic to the top four equipment landing pages saw a 35% increase throughout the first five months when comparing to the period before the on-page updates were made and went from averaging a collective 121 organic visits per month to 163 organic visits per month.

Organic Traffic to Equipment Pages
The keyword refresh took place at the beginning of Month 6

Traffic improvements per page were:

  • Auto-Vac® Page – 16% Increase
  • Flex-O-Star® Page – 71% Increase
  • Micro-Klean™ Page – 90% Increase
  • DAF/Clarifier™ Page – 97% Increase


When looking at the same time period, Alar’s PPC program increased the number of leads it brought in on a monthly basis, while maintaining the same level of spend. This improvement could be seen in the 146% increase in phone calls generated by the Paid Search program and the 120% increase in overall online leads (both form submissions and phone calls) generated by PPC.

SEM Lead Trends
The ALAR PPC Program was restructured in Month 6

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