February 14 2020

At TopSpot, we think every Team Member is critical to our success. Each month, we highlight some of the amazing people we get to work with every day. Today, we are shining the Spotlight on Jordan Peddicord. Her coworkers describe her as an incredible leader, an excellent communicator, and always ready to lend a hand. Read on to learn more about Jordan, who has snorkeled between tectonic plates in Iceland.

Meet Jordan Peddicord, TopSpot Enterprise Brand Manager

How long have you been working at TopSpot and what do you do here?

Jordan Peddicord, TopSpot

I have been working at TopSpot for over six and a half years – hitting that seven-year mark in June! Joining right after college, I’ve had a few different roles here at TopSpot. I started as an SEO Specialist before moving into the Senior SEO role, followed by my current position as an Enterprise Brand Manager. I currently lead one of our Enterprise Client Relationship Teams (shoutout to David, Paige, Matt, and Lauren) for clients with ongoing marketing services. 

What is your proudest moment at TopSpot?

THERE ARE SO MANY! A few moments come to mind:

Being a part of several Crystal Award-winning teams! The first submission that I was a part of has turned into a wild story. While I was the SEO for Nationwide Plastics, we put together a custom landing page for “acrylic curtain rods” after being mentioned on a design blog – they were even mentioned in Home & Garden magazine! Fast forward four years later, this industrial plastic fabrication company has done over one million dollars in curtain rod revenue.

Seeing TopSpot’s immediate involvement in the community when Hurricane Harvey swept through the City of Houston. It was [is] incredible to be a part of a team that cares so deeply about the city. TopSpot set-up a fundraiser to help local families and encouraged everyone to get involved to help rebuild our city.

The results were incredible (we raised over $60,000 for families affected by Harvey!) and it was great seeing how much everyone pitched in to do their part.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?

Most of my time outside the office is spent either at the gym, traveling to a new destination, trying new restaurants or fretting about Texas Football. I recently got married this past November and had the privilege of celebrating with numerous TopSpotters! My husband and I make it point to enrich our lives through travel. We have been fortunate enough to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, snorkel between tectonic plates in Iceland, visit family in India, and experience art, food, history and culture in countless other countries.

How has TopSpot helped you in your career development?

The diversity in my roles has greatly propelled my career development while at TopSpot. I’ve been fortunate enough to sharpen my technical skills and knowledge as an SEO. In all of my roles, communication with internal team members as well as clients has been critical. It has offered a unique perspective on client services. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with clients across vastly different industries. As an Enterprise Brand Manager, it challenges me on a different level than as an SEO and required me to shift my focus to team development.

Jordan has been a leader here at TopSpot even before taking over a team. Her leadership has contributed to the sense of community we have at the office and has helped her clients find success in their digital strategies.

Jordan’s Manager, Mary Coleman

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Channeling my competitive nature while growing up during the rise of women’s soccer after the U.S. won the 1996 Women’s Olympic Gold and the 1999 Women’s World Cup, I was determined to play soccer professionally. Fast forward several years later – the stars didn’t align for my professional soccer career. However, my competitive personality has helped me to be successful in my roles at TopSpot.

Here are a few things Jordan’s Team Members have to say about her via our internal “Cheers” platform, TinyPulse:

As your tenure as a Team Lead begins, I wanted to take this time to thank you for all your hard work over the past 5 years as an SEO and then a Sr. SEO. You have worked diligently, handled the tough problems, and helped shape the culture of the SEO department and the company with your positive attitude. You’ve made significant improvements in our processes, training & development. You have made us a better department & company, and we have learned so much from you.

Thank you for all of your help today (and every day) with client requests! It made prepping for our meetings today so much easier. Don’t know what I’d do without you!

Jordan stayed late one night to help me work through an issue with a client site. She just happened to be in the office late one evening when the issue first popped up and she jumped right in to help me, without complaining and stayed until we had tested a couple of solutions and had identified clear next steps for the following day. Her technical SEO knowledge was such a help to me. She explained her problem-solving approach and the steps she was taking to put temporary solutions in place so that I could learn from her as we worked through it. She was patient, thorough, and maintained a positive attitude solving a problem that wasn’t hers to solve in the first place.

Jordan, I am so appreciative of your peer-to-peer guidance and leadership!

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