Web Development

Why We Love MODX

There are many reasons we love and appreciate the MODX CMS we use to build many of our client's websites.

By Shonna Orechio

Feb 11, 2021


Structured Data 101

Using the information in structured data, search engines are able to create informational, rich results in the search landscape.

By TopSpot Team

Feb 04, 2021


How Content Helps Your SEO Strategy

For your website to rank well in Google and other search engines, the key is to create a strong mix of relevant content for your site.

By Lauren Friederman

Jan 22, 2021

Company Culture

TopSpot Team Member Spotlight: Amanda Corwin (Jones)

Whether leading my clients in their marketing strategies or leading my Team members in their own development, I lead by example, I care about others’ needs as if they were my own, and I try to do for them what my mentors and role models have done for me.

By TopSpot Team

Jan 15, 2021