TopSpot Celebrates 20 Years in Online Marketing 

In 2003, Clients had a simple question—how can I get on Google? This blog looks at how TopSpot answered this question then and now as we turn 20. We look back at how our approach to online marketing has evolved and how a continued focus on the right searches that lead to the right traffic to drive quality leads and conversions has led to our success.

By Stefanie Thompson

Sep 13, 2023


How to Tell if Your Website Has Been Affected By An Algorithm Update

Google makes hundreds of changes to the search landscape and the results you see every year. With so many updates, it is difficult to track how each one may or may not affect your online presence. After an algorithm update, how can you tell if your website made it through unharmed? Given the recent move to Google Analytics 4, we've updated this checklist to help your business determine the impact to your organic traffic after a search algorithm update.

By Beth Shockley

Jul 19, 2023


Bing’s AI-Chat Capabilities and Google’s Latest Core Updates: What You Need to Know About These Latest Changes

Major announcements were recently made on the search engine front—Microsoft confirmed it is running GPT-4 in Bing, while Google announced its March 2023 Broad Core Update. What does this mean for businesses that rely on steady search results for revenue and awareness? Read our latest blog, which looks at each update and how it affects your business.

By Stefanie Thompson

Mar 21, 2023