Bing and ChatGPT have Big Plans—What that Means for Search Strategy 

We still don’t know whether it will be ChatGPT or an iteration of GPT that will be utilized. What we do know is that this could be big news for your future search strategies. In this blog, we look at Google’s reaction, how this could shake up search, and what you should consider going forward. 

By Stefanie Thompson

Feb 02, 2023


Digital Marketing Trends and Tool Changes 2023: Part 2

In part two of our blog series, we focus on the search landscape and how to make an impact with fresh content that goes beyond improved rankings by offering an improved user experience. Plus, you’ll learn how TopSpot navigates our Clients through this ever-changing landscape. 

By Stefanie Thompson

Jan 05, 2023


Google’s Helpful Content Update Rolls Out

A big announcement by Google was recently announced: the “Helpful Content Update” will begin rolling out this week and is expected to take about two weeks to complete. The purpose…

By Jordan Sen

Aug 22, 2022


Optimizing GMB & Bing Places

Optimizing your GMB or Bing Places listing can benefit your organic search presence.

By TopSpot Team

Jul 12, 2022