October 04 2019

Manufacturing is a complex, fascinating industry filled with engineers, designers, and technology that would amaze most people. Because of this, digital marketing in the industrial space is always evolving. The stakes are high, but so are the rewards.

The manufacturing industry employs nearly 13 million people in the United States and contributed $2.38 trillion to the economy last year and we like to think that somewhere along the way, our Team Members played a part in that.

Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

When people are searching online for manufacturing companies, they could be looking for nearly anything: custom machine work, a specific size of a specific grade of steel screw, industry-certified plastic sheeting for use in automotive manufacturing – these are not simple searches, so a manufacturer’s online presence cannot be simple, either. A cohesive digital marketing strategy incorporates this kind of knowledge into an industrial site design, SEO strategy or paid search program.

When doing digital marketing for manufacturing companies, research is key. That is why TopSpot makes it a point to always stay on top of trends and how they may impact our clients’ businesses. Whether it’s through internal seminars, site visits, plant tours, or other means, we never stop learning.

Years of working with manufacturers of all shapes & sizes led us to develop a comprehensive way to understand and market the businesses we love working with and improve upon the processes and methods we already use. After 16+ years of studying behavioral data from industrial search queries conducted on search engines and internal site search data, we created The B-SMART® Method. Our methodology is designed to identify the right audience for our clients and make sure their business speaks to the needs of that audience when they are ready to request a quote or make a purchase.

In manufacturing, every detail matters. At TopSpot, we know this better than anyone, and this is why our services are customized for every single one of our clients.

TopSpot Celebrates Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day was created in 2012 to help people understand what the manufacturing industry is all about and how it impacts their lives. As the industry gets increasingly high tech and the demand for jobs increases, Manufacturing Day seeks to educate people about what really happens in the industry.

In honor of Manufacturing Day 2019, we want to celebrate the intricacies and complexity of such an amazing, and yet often behind the scenes industry. Watch our video to see just how much the manufacturing industry means to the TopSpot Team!